Dispatches From the Project Runway Show at New York Fashion Week

Someone at Lifetime TV (apparently mistaking me for someone important) sent me an invitation to the Project Runway show at Lincoln Center. So I spent last Friday morning there, attempting to capture interesting tidbits from the experience using — listed in order of reliability — a camera, a tape recorder and my brain. »9/08/14 9:14pm9/08/14 9:14pm

Celebrity Halloween Costumes: The Good, the Bad and the Spooky

Halloween: a holiday in which we hearken back to our pagan roots by dressing up as sexy versions of various occupations and demanding candies from strangers. Every year Heidi Klum honors this day by inviting a lot of famous (and sort of famous) people to a night club. Some of them get very much into the spirit of… »11/01/13 11:10am11/01/13 11:10am