Heather Mills: Kids Have Never Heard of Some Guy Named Paul McCartney

Remember Heather Mills? Apparently everyone else does! Mills was on Ireland's The Late Late Show last night where she was repeatedly asked about her ex-husband, Paul McCartney. Mills tried to avoid the line of questioning, but a persistent host wouldn't let it go. "I think people are more interested than you allow… » 3/15/15 12:45pm 3/15/15 12:45pm

Fire, Poison, And Red Wine: The Worst Breakups Ever

In a July 4 rampage he may well regret for the next ten years, a Texas man set all his girlfriend's clothes on fire. But was this the worst breakup of all time? » 7/06/10 6:40pm 7/06/10 6:40pm

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We're Deeply Confused By The National Television Awards

Come with me across the pond to the National Television Awards held at London's O2 Arena, where Big Brother contestants, EastEnders actors and, of course, Jordan roam. Their plumage? Gaudy. » 1/21/10 10:30am 1/21/10 10:30am

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Big Brother Contestant Is Heather Mills' Nanny

Well, actually, current BB house guest Lydia is Beatrice McCartney's nanny. She's been dropping hints like crazy on the Live Feed this week, including answering the question "Who is the most important person alive?" with » 8/12/09 8:00pm 8/12/09 8:00pm

Which Celeb Couple Did Big Brother Houseguest Nanny For?

Big Brother 11 contestant Lydia Tavera's bio on CBS says that she "has been up-close-and-personal with fame as she used to be a nanny for a high profile couple." We (may have) found out who it is. » 7/17/09 2:40pm 7/17/09 2:40pm

Levi Johnston: Latest "Reluctant Celebrity" To Hire Full-Time Publicist

This weekend's Times asked, "What is Levi Johnston after?" The Kato? The Monica? The Octomom? A full-time career trashing the Palins? We've laid out a few of his options, after the jump! » 5/26/09 6:20pm 5/26/09 6:20pm

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