Bat Kid's Make-a-Wish Day Gets the Movie Trailer Gotham Deserves

Last week the city of San Francisco transformed into Gotham City for a child whose request to the Make-A-Wish foundation was to be Batman. The world followed along on Twitter as 5-year-old Miles, AKA Bat Kid rescued a "damsel in distress," apprehended The Riddler, and made his way to AT&T field where he saved the… »11/21/13 3:30pm11/21/13 3:30pm

Man With Down Syndrome Owns Restaurant, Specializes in Serving Up Hugs

Tim Harris owns a restaurant called Tim's Place in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has won multiple medals at the Special Olympics. As far as his wonderful-seeming parents are aware, this accomplished 26-year-old is also the only person with Down syndrome to own his own restaurant in the entire United States. Harris has… »3/01/13 5:15pm3/01/13 5:15pm

New York Police Officer Buys Shoes for Barefoot Homeless Man, Says 'I Knew I Had to Help'

Stop the presses — there's some heartwarming news coming out of the NYPD! Yesterday, a photo depicting an unknown New York City cop giving a pair of winter boots to a homeless man went viral after the woman who took it (a tourist and fellow police officer from Arizona) posted the picture to the NYPD's Facebook page… »11/30/12 4:20pm11/30/12 4:20pm