Ohio GOP Responds to Painful Election Ass Whipping by Trying to Pass Crazy Abortion Ban

Fresh off a historical electoral spanking that came courtesy of a female and non-white majority electorate, many Republicans are licking their wounds, wondering what went wrong, and how they can fix it. Maybe don't say so much horrible shit about rape next time? Maybe don't assume that everyone hates Mexicans as much… »11/09/12 12:00pm11/09/12 12:00pm

Supporter of Ohio's Heartbeat Bill Gives Exceptionally Unhinged Speech in Favor of Biblical Law

With the Republican-controlled state Senate refusing to even consider the measure, Ohio's so-called "Heartbeat Bill" has effectively flatlined. But that hasn't stopped rabid anti-abortion demonstrators from flooding the Capitol and throwing a Holy Tantrum, claiming that laws that contradict Biblical law are… »5/22/12 3:10pm5/22/12 3:10pm

Teddy Bear-Holding Children Are the Newest Weapon in the War on Abortion

In the ongoing battle over reproductive rights, Ohio has set itself apart with the absurd props employed in its abortion debates. The state's anti-abortion movement is kind of like the Gallagher of oppressing ladies. This is the place where the legislature was subjected to live ultrasounds of pregnant women and… »1/13/12 11:00am1/13/12 11:00am

Anti-Choicers Divided On Best Way To Take Away Women's Rights

It seems like the Republican Party made a secret promise to constituents to add 50% more nuts to the 2012 election, and now their commitment to being more reckless than ever is affecting the anti-abortion movement (which really didn't need any help in that department). While traditionally anti-choicers have been… »12/05/11 11:10am12/05/11 11:10am

Advocates Of Ohio 'Heartbeat Bill' To Begin Airing Obnoxious Ads

Mississippi's jaw droppingly absurd Personhood Amendment is drumming up a lot of press, but theirs isn't the only kooky pro-life law poised to pass this fall; Ohio's got a bit of overreaching anti-choice legislation of its own: a fetal heartbeat bill. And supporters are about to to take to the TV airwaves to urge… »11/01/11 11:45am11/01/11 11:45am