Fetal Heartbeat Bills Still Trendy in 2013, If Wyoming Is Any Indication

We thought fetal heartbeat bills were sooo Ohio 2012. Wyoming legislators, however, did not get that memo. A new pair of bills seek to prioritize a woman's fetus's heartbeat over her own: Wyoming House Bill 97, which would bar abortions if an embryo or fetus heartbeat is detected, and Senate File 88, which would… »1/14/13 12:50pm1/14/13 12:50pm


Texas Court Makes New Strides in Anti-Abortion Heinousness

Earlier this year, a judge ruled against a Texas law that would force women seeing abortions to have a sonogram at least 24 hours before the procedure, listen to the fetal heartbeat, and hear a detailed description of the fetus' limbs and organs. U.S. district Judge Sam Sparks found that the law violates physicians'… »1/11/12 2:00pm1/11/12 2:00pm

Advocates Of Ohio 'Heartbeat Bill' To Begin Airing Obnoxious Ads

Mississippi's jaw droppingly absurd Personhood Amendment is drumming up a lot of press, but theirs isn't the only kooky pro-life law poised to pass this fall; Ohio's got a bit of overreaching anti-choice legislation of its own: a fetal heartbeat bill. And supporters are about to to take to the TV airwaves to urge… »11/01/11 11:45am11/01/11 11:45am

How Anti Choice Groups Are Trying to Eliminate Abortion Without Making it Illegal

Last week's Congressional passage of the Let Women Die ("Protect Life") Act capped off a year characterized by a dismayingly high number of abortion restricting bills, and there's no end to the fuckery in sight. Since Roe v. Wade has withstood decades of legal challenges, the next wave of abortion restricting laws… »10/17/11 11:30am10/17/11 11:30am