Kids Reject L.A.'s New Healthy School Lunches, Compare Them To Dog Food

Those who say there's nothing wrong with continuing to count pizza and french fries as vegetables in school lunches often argue that if you try to feed kids healthier foods they'll refuse to eat them. The Los Angeles Unified School District's revamped lunch program seems to prove that point. Students have been… »12/18/11 10:31pm12/18/11 10:31pm


General Mills Sued For Marketing Fruit Roll-Ups As Health Food

As someone who grew up in the '90s, I've probably consumed my own weight in Fruit Roll-Ups, Fruit By The Foot, and Gushers. I'm fairly certain that my mom bought them for me because I whined when the commercial came on, and she figured they were no worse than Dunk-a-roos, which contained 100% of your totally not »10/16/11 10:06pm10/16/11 10:06pm