Half of Texas's Low-Income Women Have to Find New Doctors Because Rick Perry Hates Planned Parenthood

On January 1st, Texas launched its revamped Women's Health Program. By revamped, we mean that the state-run system that is supposed to service Texas's 100,000 low-income women no longer includes satanic abortionplex Planned Parenthood, meaning that nearly half of those women will have to find a new doctor this year —… »1/07/13 2:00pm1/07/13 2:00pm


Court Will Soon Decide Whether Texas Can Still Get Federal Cash If It Cuts Planned Parenthood Out of Its Women's Health Plan

A Waco, Texas federal district court will hear Texas explain tomorrow why the state deserves a preliminary injunction against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services — aka, why the state deserves tons of $$$ for its women's health program even though it wants to cut out Planned Parenthood, the organization… »12/20/12 6:00pm12/20/12 6:00pm

Remember that infuriating memo draft from the department of Health and Human services that was meant
Remember that infuriating memo draft »8/21/08 4:20pm8/21/08 4:20pm from the department of Health and Human services that was meant to protect the rights of anti-choice doctors but actually managed to define birth control as abortion? Well the , and while it doesn't have language related to birth control, it still will allow doctors "to practice…

Bush Administration Is Gunning For Birth Control Under The Guise Of Religious Beliefs

Last month, after a Health and Human Services proposal which appeared to equate birth control with abortion was leaked to the press, we got whipped up in a frenzy of righteous indignation. Now HHS secretary Mike Leavitt is saying that he never saw the memo before it leaked, and that he intended the proposal, which he… »8/08/08 9:30am8/08/08 9:30am