Angelina Jolie Says She 'Loves Being in Menopause'

In March of this year, Angelina Jolie revealed she underwent surgery involving the removal of her ovaries and fallopian tubes to lessen her chances of ovarian cancer. Jolie’s mother, Marcheline Bertrand, passed away from the disease in 2007 and the actress wanted to be proactive about her health. The procedure forced… »11/22/15 7:30pm11/22/15 7:30pm


Why I Had My Babies With a Midwife Instead of a Doctor

“Are you having an ultrasound?” the midwife asked, at my first appointment. I thought there had been a miscommunication: nobody had told me whether I would have one. “Well, it’s up to you,” she said. She could explain the pros and cons, but the decision was mine. Welcome to the midwifery model of care. »11/20/15 10:39am11/20/15 10:39am

Could the Rich and Famous Game the Kidney Transplant List? That's Complicated. 

If current reports on his health are to be believed, Lamar Odom may be in need of a new kidney. But unlike the 100,000+ Americans currently waiting for a kidney transplant, Odom is rich, famous, and backed by one of today’s most powerful entertainment dynasties. When it comes to organ donation, are the rich and famous… »10/23/15 2:30pm10/23/15 2:30pm

Judy Collins Wants Everyone to Know Her Friend Joni Mitchell Is Doing Just Fine

In the roughly seven months since Joni Mitchell suffered a brain aneurysm, we’ve received updates on her health from all kinds of people: her attorney, the person who runs her website, her best friend Leslie Morris—even David Crosby! But this week’s update came from someone new: Judy Collins. »10/15/15 5:15pm10/15/15 5:15pm

How to Get Some Rest When Stress Is Keeping You Up at Night

It’s the middle of the night and you know you should be sleeping, but you can’t. Something is keeping you up: Maybe a coworker tried to throw you under the bus, or your friend said something rude. Whatever it is, you can’t get it out of your head, and you need to sleep for work tomorrow. It sucks. »10/14/15 12:43pm10/14/15 12:43pm

What Are Your Favorite Women's Running Shoes?

You should run. While it’s true that a litany of shitty things might happen along the way, you’ll feel better, be healthier, and maybe even be a hero. You don’t need the most expensive running shoes on the shelf, but you should buy good ones. So tell us, which running shoes do your feet prefer? »10/12/15 4:45pm10/12/15 4:45pm

All the Ways Birth Control Pills Can Affect Your Sex Life, for Better or Worse

Around 10 million women in the U.S. take some form of birth control pill, and with good reason: the Pill is one of the most effective birth control methods. But messing with your hormones can alter your sex life in positive and negative ways. Here’s what you need to know, as a pill-taker or as the partner of one. »10/09/15 1:28pm10/09/15 1:28pm

Turns Out Ovarian Reserve Testing Isn't Totally Reliable

Every Lean In Group in America has at one point discussed the possibility of freezing one’s own eggs. Since women are only born with a set number of eggs that die off regularly, the procedure can be a good choice for women who are, for whatever reason, not ready to have children when their egg supply begins to rapidly… »10/05/15 9:45pm10/05/15 9:45pm

How to Become a Runner in 14 Easy Steps

One frozen January evening in 2010, I shoved a pair of pajama shorts, a decade-old sports bra, worn-down sneakers, and an 8-year-old tee shirt from a dorm dance into a backpack and trudged through the Chicago winter to the nearest gym. I mounted a treadmill, suddenly aware that I’d never been on a treadmill before. I… »9/30/15 1:48pm9/30/15 1:48pm

'Healthy' Fruit Snacks Are Just Overpriced Candy, Lawsuit Claims

One of the most frustrating things about trying to keep yourself and your family healthy is the fact that almost every food in the grocery store is now being advertised as a delicious and “healthy” alternative to traditional fare such as chips, cookies, and cheese-laden monstrosities you can make with just one block… »9/28/15 3:10pm9/28/15 3:10pm