The Government Shutdown Is Keeping Kids Out of Preschool

We've seen the damage the government shutdown is doing to the lives of many Americans this week, whether you're a woman or a worker (or both!). Now the Wall Street Journal confirms that the shutdown has resulted in thousands of low-income kids being prevented from going to preschool because of closed Head Start… » 10/03/13 11:50am 10/03/13 11:50am

Sequester Forces Lottery Drawings To Kick Kids Out of Head Start…

We already knew that the sequester would cut off 70,000 children nationwide to Head Start access, and subsequently cause the layoff of 14,000 Head Start personnel. (One of whom is my mother, incidentally; she works at Head Start in Trenton, and she is NOT psyched about what's going on.) » 3/16/13 1:30pm 3/16/13 1:30pm