Game of Thrones Heard the Complaints, Will Temper the Sexual Violence in Season 6

Whether or not you watched the fifth season of Game of Thrones, you likely caught wind of the controversy surrounding its especially gratuitous violence against women. Even fans of the show condemned certain scenes—Sansa Stark’s rape in particular—as both excessive and lazy plot devices. And what do you know? The…

Watch Niecy Nash Sing a Gorgeous Rendition of 'Pony' to Alex Borstein on HBO's Getting On

HBO’s Getting On, one of the most rewarding shows on television, has been expertly teeter-tottering between gentle drama and gut-busting comedy for the almost three seasons now. In last week’s “Don’t Let It Get in You or on You,” I teared up when Dr. James discovered her patient was a Holocaust survivor and laughed…

The Leftovers' New Plotline: Comatose Women Cannot Consent to Sex

Bleakest show on television The Leftovers quietly and expertly pushes the limits of portraying human desperation and misery, but Sunday night’s episode hit a new high (low?) for harrowing storylines. While doing so, it cleared away its characteristic ambiguities to make a clear narrative about consent.

HBO: Naming Project Greenlight's Latest Episode 'Hot Ghetto Mess' Was a 'Production Mistake'

Project Greenlight’s latest episode was entitled “Hot Ghetto Mess,” which didn’t appear to refer to anything in an episode that focused largely on producer Effie Brown trying to ensure the creators of The Leisure Class didn’t stereotype the sole person of color in its class.

Effie Brown Schools Project Greenlight in Episode Inexplicably Titled ‘Hot Ghetto Mess'

This season of Project Greenlight has been troubled from the beginning. Its racial subtext has weighted heavily in the corner of clueless white people, with producer Effie Brown having to bear the brunt of said cluelessness. On Sunday night’s episode, actually entitled “Hot Ghetto Mess,” Brown yet again bumps up into…


It's Not Just Baby Boomers Who Looove TV Shows About the Second Wave

Baby boomers get a lot of flack for glorifying the golden days of the 1960s through television, from programs like Mad Men to CNN’s The Sixties. But as recent pilot pick-ups suggest, their children have been indoctrinated into this obsession as well: A wealth of shows have come up in recent years fixated not on just…