Roadies Snoozily Sprouts Up in Vinyl's Place, Present-Day Nostalgia for Rock Firmly Situated

Throughout Vinyl’s first—and now final—season, my opinion changed ever so slightly from when I first wrote about its debut episode. Vinyl remained absurd, overly nostalgic, ahistorical and evenly lionizing of men, but at the very least, the effervescent Juno Temple got to shine a little and, even better, the “getting…

Here's the Teaser for Sarah Jessica Parker's New HBO Series, Divorce

“I want a divorce,” says Sarah Jessica Parker at the beginning of this teaser for HBO’s upcoming series, Divorce. In the following scene, she flips off her husband (Thomas Haden Church) after he prevents her from joining him in an elevator (“I need my space,” he says). Next, the two of them complain about each other…

Beyoncé's Life Is a Movie: A Totally Calm Lemonade Liveblog

Hello, perhaps you have noticed that Beyoncé is debuting a... something on HBO this evening. Is it an album? Is it a documentary? Is it a narrative film, or all three? We know as much as you do; here’s your spot to follow along, comment, and behave totally rationally and in a very calm, adult fashion as this happening


A Chat About Confirmation, a Movie About Anita Hill vs. A Lot of People We Hated

Before being sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice in 1991, Clarence Thomas first had to confront the truth. Anita Hill, then a professor at the University of Oklahoma, had accused Thomas of sexually harassing her when she worked for him at the Department of Education and U.S. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission.…