More Mothers Are Staying Home, But Don't Picture June Cleaver

According to the latest numbers, an increased number of mothers are staying home with their children. But don't trot out your favorite MOMMY WARS cliches just yet. Turns out the high-powered opt-out types are vanishingly rare, and a fair bit of the increase is likely attributable to both demographics and factors like… » 4/08/14 5:20pm 4/08/14 5:20pm

Camille Paglia, Please See Me After Class

Camille Paglia has been trolling since before trolling was A Thing. She's the OG of barfing up archaic assertions about women, men, and feminism, justifying them with sweeping, unverified statements, and dressing them up with $2 words, and calling it new. Her latest, "It's A Man's World, And It Always Will Be" is so… » 12/16/13 4:15pm 12/16/13 4:15pm

Ladies, Want To Have It All? Get Yourself a Stay-at-Home Husband.

Women, if you want to have IT ALL, forget balancing family and career on your own. The new hotness in the race for the elusive goal of womanhood— "IT ALL" — isn't quality, affordable child care or workplaces with flexible hours or equal pay, because in some careers, those concessions aren't enough. No, for some women, IT … » 12/09/13 1:30pm 12/09/13 1:30pm

Poll Reveals America Thinks Women Should Have Babies By Age 26

Sometimes, as a woman, I find myself adrift on a rudderless sea of indecision bereft of the opinions of others weighing in on my conduct. How should I dress? Should I be thin or what? Should I do anything to my face to make it look different? How should I conduct myself sexually? How should I age? When should I talk?… » 11/11/13 6:00pm 11/11/13 6:00pm

Quitting Your Job to Be a Full-Time Mom Is Probably a Bad Idea

Leaving a high powered job to pursue your true June Cleaver stay-at-home-mom smiling-serenely-while-scrubbing-the-grout-in-pearls vocation sounds like an untenable fantasy from jump — like those shoes that were supposed to make your butt look good without exercising, or frozen s'mores (they whole POINT of S'MORES is to … » 8/08/13 11:50am 8/08/13 11:50am

Not Even Childfree Women Are Safe From the Batshit Mommy Wars

Unless we're talking about pizza toppings or how much of a bottle of rosé we're drinking, can we just retire the phrase "having it all"? We were never exactly clear on its meaning to begin with, and it's only become increasingly hollow—most recently evidenced by the latest cover of Time that pegs it as "not having… » 8/04/13 5:00pm 8/04/13 5:00pm

Miley's 'Jweats' and Other Ways to Prove That You CAN Have It All

For decades, we as a society have been asking ourselves, "Can women really have it all?" Under patriarchy, in which women are compelled to inhabit rigid and limiting roles, is it possible to choose both halves of the false dichotomy (breadwinner or homemaker; saint or slut; smart or sexy; etc)? Is the very desire for "it… » 6/14/13 6:30pm 6/14/13 6:30pm

Multitasking Is a Cruel Mistress, and It's Almost Impossible to Quit Her

Last Thursday, Katie Couric asked a panel that included Dr. Donna Rockwell, a clinical psychologist, and Dr. Mark Hyman, the chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine, if multitasking is the enemy of mindfulness. They all agreed that yes, multitasking means doing a bunch of things crappily. Well, if that's so… » 6/10/13 3:00pm 6/10/13 3:00pm

What Working Moms Really Need Are Wives

Men's lives aren't plagued with—or, hell, defined by—the daunting task of successfully balancing their professional and personal lives. They don't call themselves "working dads" or fret about "having it all." For them, a career and a family is a given. Good, old fashioned sexism aside—why? What do they have that we don't?… » 5/14/13 4:00pm 5/14/13 4:00pm

Princeton Mom: Feminists Are Bullies, Women in Their 30s Man Repellent

Susan A. Patton, a.k.a. Princeton Mom, a.k.a. young college-educated women's newest well-intentioned agony aunt (as in, we're in agony whenever she opens her mouth), continues to ride the crest of the wave made by her "find a man before you SHRIVEL UPPPP AHHH I CAN SEE YOU SHRIVELING" manifesto in the Daily Princetonian. … » 4/20/13 4:00pm 4/20/13 4:00pm

Princeton Alum Tells Female Students They're Doomed Unless They Find a…

The Daily Princetonian published a letter to the editor today from alumna Susan A. Patton, who wants "the daughters [she] never had" to know that they're screwed for life if they don't snag a Princeton prince by first semester freshman year. » 3/29/13 1:20pm 3/29/13 1:20pm

No One 'Has It All' — Not Even Men — Because Work Sucks. The End.

There was a crucial moment when I was newly pregnant where I had to make a choice whether to take a (better-paid) job that would have me still in clubs, reviewing rock shows three or four nights a week for an alt-weekly while gestating, or peel off to the more family-friendly track of writing about culture with… » 3/26/13 11:50am 3/26/13 11:50am

'The Feminist Housewife' Is Such Bullshit

It's not a coincidence that one week after Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In gave feminism a much-needed reboot and sparked a national conversation about the innate gender biases that need to be dismantled so that professional women can achieve their full potential, New York Magazine pooped our party with an incendiary cover… » 3/19/13 6:00pm 3/19/13 6:00pm

Hillary Clinton Can't Stand Whining About 'Having It All'

Sorry to disappoint you, incredibly quixotic ignorers of things that Hillary Clinton has been saying for like dozens of months now, but there will be no Hillary Clinton '16 bumper stickers to affix to your Saab in four years. The Secretary of State has reaffirmed in an interview with Marie Claire that she's done with… » 10/18/12 3:00pm 10/18/12 3:00pm