Critics: TMZ Is The New C-Span, 'Das Kapital.' It Sure Beats Tucker Carlson

Have you thought up an excuse for loving TMZ TV yet? Because the dilemma of loving a trashy syndicated daily show has the TV critics working overtime. Last week's Slate went with the tired "voyeurism" excuse that basically applies to pretty much everything on television; today's Washington Post compared the show to… » 9/18/07 10:00am 9/18/07 10:00am

So Is Lindsay Officially Worse Than Paris And Britney Now?

"It was pretty much the worst night of my entire summer," says Ronnie Blake, a young man from Southern California, of the night of the latest Lindsay Lohan DUI bust, to TMZ founder and king of all media Harvey Levin. But was it the best night of Harvey's summer? Tough to say. Ronnie's story is that he and his friends… » 7/27/07 10:07am 7/27/07 10:07am

Paris Hilton, The Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Of Ill-Advised Media Mergers

When the history books are written about the the twenty-first century, Paris's childlike sketch to TMZ founder Harvey Levin will surely endure as a powerful symbol of the times. In the sketch, Harvey punditizes on Larry King Live. Both Harvey and Larry are, of course, essentially the property of the company formerly… » 6/27/07 12:36pm 6/27/07 12:36pm