This Sexual Assault Survivor's Letter to Harvard Is a Punch in the Gut

An anonymous Harvard student writes about her sexual assault and the complete lack of help that the Harvard administration gave her. Entitled, "Dear Harvard: You Win," the open letter heartbreakingly portrays the indifferent and perfunctory way with which America's Best University dealt with her assault. » 3/31/14 5:30pm 3/31/14 5:30pm

How To Talk Your Girl Friends Out of Going to Business School

Working a shit job in a cube zoo hell-Labyrinth is a soul-sucking way for a woman to spend her twenties; attending graduate school so she can compose a thesis on menstrual shaming in early Gaelic literature is a money-sucking way for a woman to spend her twenties. But there's one way a woman can waste a few years of… » 9/17/13 5:40pm 9/17/13 5:40pm

Accomplished Lady Finally Replies to Crap Letter from Harvard C. 1961

When former Washington Post restaurant critic and Very Accomplished Woman Phyllis Richman applied to Harvard University’s City Planning graduate program in 1961, she received a letter from an assistant professor asking how she could possibly balance a career with her "responsibilities" as a wife and future mother. She… » 6/07/13 7:00pm 6/07/13 7:00pm

Harvard Student Magazine Satirist Writes Racist Garbage, Doesn't…

Harvard — the storied Ivy League that's produced many great comedic writers well-versed in the time-honored rich people traditions of "joshing" and "ribbing" — has apparently lost its edge/mind. The art of subtle satire has been one of the staples of their comedy scene for quite some time — turning out the likes of Conan… » 10/14/12 8:15pm 10/14/12 8:15pm

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez Goes to Harvard, Is All…

Cristina Fernandez's second term as president of Argentina may be fraught with capital flight, wary investors, an escalating crime rate, and bad credit rating buzz from Moody's, but she'll be damned if she lets some Harvard smartasses try to tell her which hemisphere she's in. Fielding questions Thursday night from… » 9/28/12 10:05am 9/28/12 10:05am

Harvard Med School Cited for Being Generally Neglectful of Its Lab…

Just a few days after news that 125 Harvard students were under investigation for allegedly cheating on their cheating invitation take home exam, America's most illustrious and ivy-swaddled university has earned another ocular contusion — the Department of Agriculture has cited Harvard Medical School for… » 9/04/12 11:00am 9/04/12 11:00am

How to Kill a Meme: The 'Call Me Maybe' Dance-Off

Carly Rae Jepson's "Call Me Maybe" has managed to stay popular on the Internet for months now, claiming the hearts of your most bro-iest brogrammers and feminist-y pop culture bloggers alike. Every couple of days, a new viral tribute seems to pop up, but few have managed to garner the popularity of the Harvard baseball… » 5/17/12 11:10am 5/17/12 11:10am

Your Facebook Addiction May Really Be an Addiction

It's hard to believe, but there was a time, less than a decade ago, when Facebook didn't even exist. There was no way to immediately tell everyone you've ever met that you just ate some delicious ribs or that your kid is finally used the big girl potty. (Finally! We all breathed such a sigh of relief on that one.) But… » 5/08/12 10:50am 5/08/12 10:50am

The Curious Case of Why We Give a Shit Whether Elizabeth Warren Is a…

Things in the tight race for Massachusetts Senate between incumbent Republican Senator Scott Brown and his likely challenger, Democratic folk hero Elizabeth Warren, have taken a turn for the bizarre. Scott Brown has found himself in the unusual position of attacking Elizabeth Warren for claiming to be a Native American … » 5/01/12 10:50am 5/01/12 10:50am