Atticus Was Always a Racist: Why Go Set a Watchman Is No Surprise

The final tableau of To Kill A Mockingbird has always given me a sour feeling toward the book—it ends with the black man dead, the poor white man also dead, the law uninterested in prosecuting their murders. The white gentleman and his children are sadder and wiser, but the wisdom imparted is essentially about the… »7/20/15 1:30pm7/20/15 1:30pm

Harper Lee Feels Absolutely Awesome, Says Everyone But Harper Lee

PBS just released a web exclusive with footage from a June 30 meeting between Harper Lee, her lawyer, agent, and a gaggle of publishing executives. The entourage traveled to Lee’s hometown, Monroeville, Alabama, to present her with a fresh hardcover copy of Go Set a Watchman. And they would all like you to know how… »7/13/15 9:15pm7/13/15 9:15pm

Harper Lee's Lawyer Writes Shady Op-Ed Hinting at a Goddamn Third Book

The most depressing story in publishing continues apace: Harper Lee’s lawyer Tonja Carter has written an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, ostensibly to dispute a New York Times report implying that Carter discovered the Go Set a Watchman manuscript in 2011—not in 2014, as she had previously claimed. But the entire … »7/13/15 11:50am7/13/15 11:50am

In Go Set a Watchman, Atticus Is a Racist Who's Gone to a Klan Meeting

Public anticipation for Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird precursor Go Set a Watchman has been high and widespread—the book set a pre-sale record for Harper Collins—as well as fraught with skepticism for many good reasons: the notoriously private Lee had hid the manuscript for decades, and it was only discovered after »7/10/15 6:35pm7/10/15 6:35pm

Harper Lee's Editor and Publisher Swear She's Excited About New Book

Excitement among literary fans has been at its peak since news broke Tuesday that HarperCollins would be publishing Go Set a Watchman, a lost-now-found novel by beloved To Kill a Mockingbird author Harper Lee. Reactions to the announcement have ranged from overjoyed to suspicious and now Lee's editor Hugh Van Dusen… »2/04/15 3:50pm2/04/15 3:50pm

Harper Lee Sues Hometown Museum for Peddling Mockingbird Tchotchkes

For an 87-year-old one-(huge) hit-wonder, Harper Lee has been in the news a lot recently, from that time back in early May when she sued an agent for allegedly “duping” her into signing over the copyright to To Kill a Mockingbird six years ago, to her current lawsuit against a museum in her Alabama hometown for the… »10/19/13 1:30pm10/19/13 1:30pm

Harper Lee Sues Slimy Agent Over To Kill a Mockingbird Copyright

If you’re a literate adult (or near-adult), you’ve probably read To Kill a Mockingbird, or at least rolled your eyes when some new conversational partner enthusiastically told you at a party that his or her favorite book ever is To Kill a Mockingbird, which personal revelation you probably took to mean that the person… »5/05/13 12:00pm5/05/13 12:00pm