All the Friends You're Missing Out On When You Stop Making Friends at Work

What are jobs good for, anyway? I mean, aside from the money and career prospects? I submit it’s the free pizza, the free toilet paper, and the free friends—not necessarily in that order. And now, a new op-ed suggests we’ve stopped getting cozy with our coworkers for a variety of reasons. What gives? »9/09/15 1:10pm9/09/15 1:10pm


Hot New Having It All Tip: Just Be Rich Enough to Freeze Your Eggs!

This cover of this week's Bloomberg Businessweek features a confident-looking white woman in her thirties and the seductive headline FREEZE YOUR EGGS FREE YOUR CAREER. Is it already that time during the year when magazines invite America to comment on reproductive and parenting choices that are only available to a… »4/17/14 1:50pm4/17/14 1:50pm

Republicans Prove They Love the Ladies By Killing Equal Pay Bill

Just one day after President Obama commemorated Equal Pay Day by signing two executive orders designed to eliminate wage disparity between men and women, Senate Republicans have unanimously blocked a bill that would have turned those orders into laws. Republicans love you, ladies. They love you like Courtney Stodden's… »4/09/14 4:45pm4/09/14 4:45pm

Obama Will Sign Equal Pay Executive Orders Without Do-Nothing Congress

Tomorrow, the President will sign two executive orders designed to promote equal pay for women, bypassing the jowly obstructionist fuckos in Congress and once again reminding women in this crucial election year which major national party is the one that actually does stuff for women. At least, that's the goal. »4/07/14 1:00pm4/07/14 1:00pm

Most of Those Allegedly Great New Jobs for Women Are In Waitressing

We're well into what feels like our 129384712th consecutive month of articles harping on the notion that men are being screwed by this man-cession because they can't seem to man-age to man-euver their way back into man-jobs while meanwhile women Take The Lead and Lean In and End Men. And if you just look at the… »9/19/13 12:20pm9/19/13 12:20pm