Trailer for ‘Salacious’ Amanda Knox Movie Heavy on the Slut-Shaming

The trailer for The Face of an Angel, an adaptation of the book by Barbie Latza Nardeau called Angel Face about the Amanda Knox saga, is out and it is as salacious and exploitative as any slapdash Lifetime movie about a recent murder trial except it features some pretty notable talent like Daniel Bruhl, Cara… » 2/09/14 4:00pm 2/09/14 4:00pm

Amanda Knox Isn’t Planning Any Return Trips to Italy for Her Retrial

In a hardly surprising announcement this weekend, a family spokesman made it clear that Amanda Knox would not be returning to Italy for a retrial in the 2007 death of her British roommate, Meredith Kercher. » 8/25/13 12:00pm 8/25/13 12:00pm

Amanda Knox’s Attorneys Convinced Her Not to Send Her Condolences to…

The Amanda Knox prison memoir Waiting to Be Heard comes out on Tuesday, and, in an effort to wring just a little more juice out of the story before everyone has access to the memoir, newspapers that obtained advanced review copies have been sharing tantalizing little excerpts with parsimonious discretion. The latest… » 4/28/13 4:30pm 4/28/13 4:30pm

Everyone Wants to Talk About All the Reefer in the Amanda Knox Memoir

The New York Times obtained an advance copy of Amanda Knox’s forthcoming prison memoir (Waiting to Be Heard), diligently perused all 463 of its pages, and dredged up this detail about Knox’s whereabouts on the night of Meredith Kercher’s murder: she was smoking pot with her boyfriend, reading Harry Potter out loud in… » 4/19/13 11:10am 4/19/13 11:10am

Italian Supreme Court Orders a Retrial for Amanda Knox

Thanks to the redundancy/thoroughness of the Italian legal system, there will be a third volume of Hard Knox Life, most likley minus its main character. On Tuesday, Italian Supreme Court judges ruled that Amanda Knox, along with former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, should stand trial yet again for the death of her… » 3/26/13 9:30am 3/26/13 9:30am

Like a Horror Movie Franchise, the Amanda Knox Legal Saga Might Get an…

With the long-anticipated release of her book less than a month away, a new postcript has been tacked onto Amanda Knox's Italian saga. Italy's Supreme Court plans to rule on whether prosecutors will have another chance to try her for the 2007 murder of her roommate at the University for Foreigners in Perugia, a… » 3/25/13 1:30pm 3/25/13 1:30pm

Amanda Knox Gets That Zillion Dollar Book Deal We All Expected

You probably saw this coming: Amanda Knox, the American student accused and acquitted of murdering her roommate while studying abroad in Italy, has been given a big, fat book deal. So how much will she be paid to have someone pretending to be her write "her side" of the story? » 2/16/12 4:30pm 2/16/12 4:30pm

Amanda Knox May Return to Italy for Parents' Slander Trial

It seems as though Amanda Knox's history with the Italian legal system has not yet come to a close as the 24-year-old, who, after spending four years in prison, was acquitted of the murder of fellow exchange student Meredith Kercher, will likely be returning to the Italian courtrooms as soon as March, this time as a… » 1/25/12 10:00am 1/25/12 10:00am

Italian Court Reveals No Evidence Ever Linked Amanda Knox To Murder,…

It's been about two and a half months since Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were freed from prison after serving four years of their sentence for the murder of Meredith Kercher. Yesterday an Italian appeals court gave a detailed explanation of why their convictions were overturned. Shockingly, it turns out that… » 12/16/11 2:40pm 12/16/11 2:40pm

Amanda Knox Moves Into 'Shabby' Apartment With Newly-Identified…

Today the Daily Mail has a complete update on the life of a chick from Seattle who didn't murder anybody. Despite previous reports that she and fellow defendant Raffaele Sollecito would run off into the night together to enjoy a lifetime of forgetting to speak their native language, in a TV interview he said… » 11/07/11 10:00am 11/07/11 10:00am

Amanda Knox Spotted With Hipster Dude Who May Or May Not Be Her…

Non-Italian non-murderer Amanda Knox is slowly but surely readjusting to free life stateside after spending nearly 4 years in Italian prison. She dressed up as a mustachioed cat burglar for Halloween. She's speaking English again. And now it looks like she's got herself an American-style boyfriend, complete with a… » 11/03/11 1:40pm 11/03/11 1:40pm

Amanda Knox Dressed As A Highly Insensitive Cat Burglar For Halloween

Though Amanda Knox has been freed after serving four years in an Italian prison, some would rather not see her celebrate Halloween again, as roommate Meredith Kercher was killed on November 1. In response to photos of Knox heading to a party dressed as a cat burglar, Kercher's father said, "I think it's very… » 11/01/11 10:25am 11/01/11 10:25am

Knox & Solicito To Spend Xmas Together; Seek Solace In Bubble Lights,…

Amanda Knox has kept a low profile since she was freed by Italian courts, but now Raffaele Sollecito, her co-defendant and former boyfriend has decided to add more fuel to the media hysteria by gushing about Knox in the Italian magazine Oggi. He says, "We need each other — we speak to each other on the phone and write… » 10/26/11 10:10am 10/26/11 10:10am

Meredith Kercher Crime Scene Investigators Joked About Taking Coke

A lack of reliable DNA evidence was one of the main reasons Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito won their appeal, and now it's been revealed that video played during the trial shows Italian CSI investigators were in a rather jovial mood while examining the scene. While in Meredith Kercher's blood-spattered bedroom, one… » 10/10/11 9:27pm 10/10/11 9:27pm

Amanda Knox Inevitably Offered Weird Job In Porn

Poor, exhausted-seeming Amanda Knox has endured a stateside media frenzyapalooza since her return to America after her murder conviction was overturned by an Italian appeals court. And now, to add to the cacophony, an offer to work for Vivid Entertainment. The job isn't to have sex with mustachioed thunderdicks, and… » 10/06/11 3:40pm 10/06/11 3:40pm

Italian Judge Still Thinks Knox & Sollecito Could Be Guilty

Today Italian TV audiences heard the first interview with one of the jurors from Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito's appeal. Judge Claudio Pratillo Hellmann said that while he still believes Knox and Sollecito may know the "real truth" about how Meredith Kercher was murdered, there wasn't enough evidence to prove… » 10/05/11 11:34pm 10/05/11 11:34pm

Amanda Knox Returns To U.S., Tearfully Thanks Supporters

Amanda Knox is back home in Seattle after spending four years in an Italian prison. Before leaving the airport, she told reporters she's (understandably) overwhelmed. » 10/04/11 9:34pm 10/04/11 9:34pm

What Will Amanda Knox Do Now?

This afternoon, about 90 minutes after Amanda Knox was acquitted, she left an Italian prison for the first time in four years. Knox is scheduled to return to the U.S. tomorrow on a commercial flight from Rome, and we're guessing her thoughts are focused on seeing her friends and family and sleeping in her own bed. But… » 10/03/11 11:18pm 10/03/11 11:18pm

Amanda Knox Acquitted In Italian Court; Released From Custody

Amanda Knox, the American college student convicted two years ago of the 2007 sexual assault and murder of her roommate Meredith Kercher, has had her conviction overturned by an Italian appeals court and her release has been ordered by the presiding judge. This acquittal frees Knox to leave the country on her own… » 10/03/11 4:10pm 10/03/11 4:10pm

Watch Amanda Knox's Final Statement To The Court

In court today Amanda Knox made a final plea to jurors before deliberations began in her appeals trial. During the 10-minute address, Knox told the court, "I've lost a friend in the worst, most brutal, most inexplicable way possible ... I'm paying with my life for things that I didn't do." The judge said the jury… » 10/03/11 9:30am 10/03/11 9:30am