The Time Sarah Jessica Parker Read a Story About Her 'Witch Hands'

Earlier this week, Sarah Jessica Parker was on Watch What Happens Live, and Andy Cohen asked her about the time she was accused of having "witch hands." » 12/20/13 1:00pm 12/20/13 1:00pm

The Curious Case of the Severed Head Hidden Under the Hollywood Sign

Something very strange and very creepy is afoot Los Angeles. Yesterday afternoon two women and their nine dogs were hiking beneath the iconic Hollywood sign that overlooks the city when they made a gruesome discovery: the severed head of a man in a plastic bag. Karen Rayner, a spokesperson for the LAPD, described the… » 1/18/12 9:05pm 1/18/12 9:05pm

Brazil Fashion Week Showcases Perfect Job Interview Outfits

If you're interviewing for a job at Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. In the 1980's. As rendered by Edward Gorey on powerful uppers. » 1/30/11 3:40pm 1/30/11 3:40pm

The Famous Models You'd Never Recognize

Big Money's hand model guide lets you put a face to the hands you see every day on the cover of Twilight, the Palmolive bottle, and standing in for Megan Fox's clubbed thumbs in her Motorola commercial. [Big Money] » 3/01/10 1:30pm 3/01/10 1:30pm