Hamilton Pulls $27 Million in Broadway Sales Before It Even Opens

Hamilton, the hit play that gives American history a hip-hop twist, is slaughtering the game—the show, which will open on Broadway soon, pulled in $27.6 million in pre-sale tickets and it hasn’t even begun yet. Already, the going resale value on existing tickets is already hitting $355.… » 7/15/15 5:40pm 7/15/15 5:40pm

Talking With Phillipa Soo: Lead in Hamilton, Soon to Be Superstar

On paper, Hamilton is unlikely: a nearly three-hour-long musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton based on an 800-page historical biography and, for the most part, rapped the entire way through. But after runaway success at New York’s Public Theater and almost unanimous critical acclaim, it’s now headed to… » 5/21/15 2:45pm 5/21/15 2:45pm