The Best Halloween Costumes On The Internet

Happy Halloween, people! Tonight is the night — so paint on the makeup and get out your lattes and brooms, you Basic Witch. Here are the most jaw-dropping Halloween costumes we've found posted on the Internet this year. » 10/31/14 1:00pm 10/31/14 1:00pm

Trick or Treat: Why Not Dress Like a 'Sexy Mom' This Year?

Given that literally all costumes remotely associated with women or girls are run through the Naughty McSexy meter at this time of year, you may be astonished to learn that regular old moms, those tireless handmaidens of domesticity, have not been adequately sexed up for the season — UNTIL NOW. » 10/23/14 12:00pm 10/23/14 12:00pm

Halloween Costumes for Modern Anxieties

I was thinking about how today costumes are either supposed to be very scary or they are the sexy versions of scariness or just bullshit costumes, not even trying to be scary. But I ask you, the post-modern groupthinker with current anxieties, what do you think should be costumes, representing our current fears? » 10/09/14 6:14pm 10/09/14 6:14pm

The Daily Show Is Auctioning Off The 'Sexy Vagina' Costume For Charity

Last week, Kristen Schaal made everyone pee a little with her hilarious Daily Show spot on the logical evolution of sexy Halloween costumes (as well as her accusation that Jon Stewart "fucks pizzas"). And now, TDS is auctioning off the gorgeous yet somewhat disturbing centerpiece of that segment — the "sexy vagina"… » 10/28/13 1:40pm 10/28/13 1:40pm

If You're Confused About Whether or Not to Wear Blackface, Just Err on…

Well, you know what they say: it wouldn’t be Halloween without a dumb-college-kids-in-blackface controversy!!! (Actually, it would. It would still be the same Halloween in every way, except with less cringing and more pride in the nation’s youth.) A photo taken at a Halloween party this week shows white University of… » 10/30/12 7:46pm 10/30/12 7:46pm

A Gentle Reminder That Slutoween Celebrants Are Asking For It

Ugh, feminists really are the worst. First, they tell you to bust out the lingerie to protest rape at SlutWalk, and then they demand you ditch your sexy mental patient Halloween costume for a dumpy Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor outfit. It's so incredibly confusing! That is, if you're a writer notorious for… » 10/31/11 11:15am 10/31/11 11:15am

The Best Costumes From The Tompkins Square Dog Parade

This past Saturday, the 21st annual Dog Halloween Parade took place in New York City's Tompkins Square Park and let me tell you, the economic downturn had no effect on this year's extravagant costumes. Okay, well, there was an Occupy Wall Street Dog, as seen above. Click through to see who took home first place, as… » 10/24/11 7:20pm 10/24/11 7:20pm

The Last Minute Half-Assed Guide To Halloween Costumes

For the lazy person who hates shopping and being looked at by strangers, Halloween is a cruel holiday indeed. Coming up with a clever costume idea is mentally challenging enough, but then you have to figure out where to acquire all of the costume's pieces, and then you have to go all those places where they might sell… » 10/24/11 5:30pm 10/24/11 5:30pm

Ricky's Sells, Then Pulls "Anna Rexia" Costume

Remeber that sexy anorexia Halloween costume that made us all chuckle at the plight of those suffering from eating disorders sad about the state of humanity a few years ago? Ricky's, the costume and beauty store chain, recently started selling it. If that link isn't loading for you, the problem isn't that too many… » 9/21/11 10:22pm 9/21/11 10:22pm

"Terry Richardson" Is This Year's Most Horrifying Halloween Costume

This didn't make our Halloween gallery, but its lack of sexy is undeniable. Our reader writes, "Not a single person spoke to me; that's how creepy I looked." If only the same went for the real "Uncle Terry." » 11/01/10 5:35pm 11/01/10 5:35pm

A Proud Salute To Unsexy Halloween Costumes

You're fed up with ladies costumes being uniformly "sexy"! To prove it, you sent in photos of outfits that ooze from your nether regions, hide your lingerie under layers of sweaty foam, and make you look like crap... literally. » 11/01/10 12:34pm 11/01/10 12:34pm

It's Official: Jersey Shore Is This Year's Most Popular Costume

Retailers report that Jersey Shore costumes are 2010's top sellers, confirming our suspicion that most people are lazy and totally uncreative. Show them what a real costume looks like by sending us shots of your least-sexy Halloween getups! » 10/26/10 2:02pm 10/26/10 2:02pm

The Real Housewife Of Ancient Egypt

New York, October 24: Alex McCord and Simon Van Kempen attend The 9th Annual Dream Halloween with their children Francios and Johan Van Kempen at Capitale. Image via Getty. » 10/25/10 1:57pm 10/25/10 1:57pm

We Want To See Your Least-Sexy Halloween Costumes!

Sick of seeing ridiculous, stupid "sexy" Halloween costumes for women? Fuck yes, you are. So let's protest the trend by showing off your scariest and/or goofiest unsexy costumes. Lingerie is not welcome here, oh no. » 10/22/10 2:12pm 10/22/10 2:12pm

Target Ad Bashes Homemade Halloween Costumes

Why trick of treat in the creative costume your mom spent hours slaving over when you could wear a plastic outfit from Target and look the same as all the other Iron Mans? » 10/12/10 1:59pm 10/12/10 1:59pm

Sexy Halloween Costumes Get Even More Horrifying

Looking for a costume that's inappropriately sexy and offensive? Try's barely-there "Indian Princess" ensemble, the "Sexy Straight Jacket," which mocks the mentally ill, or the "Chinese Take Out" outfit for, "the one-two punch of exoticization and consumption." [Via TBD] » 10/01/10 11:31am 10/01/10 11:31am