Nicki Minaj Is Unimpressed With This Stupid Bill Cosby Costume 

Every Halloween a handful of people make incredibly dumb costume decisions; from dressing in blackface to appropriating other cultures, stupid puns and more. Yesterday, Nicki Minaj called out one particularly misguided costume: a dude who thought that dressing like Bill Cosby and a passed out rape victim, complete… »11/01/15 12:00pm11/01/15 12:00pm

Saturday Night Social: How Much Halloween Candy Can You Really Eat?

Happy Halloween everyone! Whether you’ll be off to run amok in the streets during this spooky night or at home watching scary movies and drinking pumpkin beer, enjoy this frightening story from Uproxx of one man and his quest to eat 12 pounds of Halloween candy, from Jezebel’s very own Mark Shrayber. »10/31/15 7:00pm10/31/15 7:00pm

Michelle and Barack Obama Are Really Loving This Baby Dressed as the Pope 

When you get an invite to the Halloween party at the White House, you bring your A game. And that’s exactly what this adorable kid who came dressed as the Pope did. His costume was replete with a Popemobile and tiny Vatican flags. Needless to say, POTUS and FLOTUS were in love with Baby Pope. Pope Francis may be the… »10/31/15 1:30pm10/31/15 1:30pm

The Best Halloween Soundtrack Is the One Where All the Musicians Are Dead

Halloween is enjoyable in moderation, but, as is the case with many vices, it is difficult to enjoy without overindulging. Every year, I set out to have a good spooky time, and before I know it, I’m huddled under a blanket with all the lights on because I thought it might be fun to cook dinner while the creepiness… »10/30/15 4:45pm10/30/15 4:45pm

Here's Harrison Ford, Dressed as a Hot Dog, Talking About Star Wars 

On Thursday night, Harrison Ford popped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! For some reason, he was dressed as both a giant hot dog and a “hot dog,” including nose. He divulged basically zero details about the new Star Wars movie, but with a charming irascibly that bodes very well for the characterization of middle-aged Han Solo.… »10/30/15 12:45pm10/30/15 12:45pm

What's the Ethical Limit of a Boundary-Pushing Haunted House? Ask Scare Expert Margee Kerr 

One of the first people you encounter upon entering The Basement is a girl in dirty pajamas with bloody bandages over her eyes. She paws at you, begs you to tell her a story, and demands comfort. Try to hug her and she will scream violently. She is allowed to touch you, but you are not allowed to touch her. »10/30/15 11:30am10/30/15 11:30am

Nobody Is Having a Better, Nerdier Good Time with Halloween Than Museums

Survive enough November 1 hangovers and you’ll be forced to face the fact that Halloween is best experienced as a dorky, candy-heavy good time with a heavy dose of creepiness and an undercurrent of decay. One group doing it right: Museums and libraries, who are taking this holiday as an opportunity to post all their… »10/29/15 11:01am10/29/15 11:01am