It's 2015 and the Dominican Republic Is Ethnically Cleansing Itself

Last April, during a two-week vacation back in Haiti, where most of my family comes from, my uncle and I discussed taking a road trip to the Dominican Republic. As he lamented what a crime it was that I hadn’t “seen the entire island,” he rattled through the many activities we could get into—some legally dubious, all… »6/23/15 3:00pm6/23/15 3:00pm


The GOP Elected Its Black Friends to the House and Senate

On Tuesday night, two black Republicans were voted into Senate and House. While I applaud Tim Scott and Mia Love, respectively, as pioneering African Americans, I am nervous about whatever right-wing political madness they are most likely plotting. As Zora Neale Hurston once said, "All my skinfolk ain't kinfolk." »11/05/14 11:30am11/05/14 11:30am

Politics As Usual: Florida Mayoral Candidate Threatened with Pin-Filled Vodou Dolls

Anna Pierre, a mayoral candidate in North Miami, says she's being targeted by Haitian Vodou practitioners who want to intimidate her into dropping out of the race. Pierre—who is originally from Haiti—says she's found feathers, scraps of food, candles, and little dolls stuck full of pins outside her office door. "I… »4/12/13 6:45pm4/12/13 6:45pm

Remember Wyclef's Haiti Charity? Angry Haitians Are Having a Hard Time Forgetting.

How badly did hip-hop celeb/liar Wyclef Jean fuck up his charity efforts in Haiti? So badly that the New York Times published a lengthy A-1 story that probably only skims the surface of his mismanaged, dysfunctional charity, Yéle. Wyclef, who was born in Haiti, founded Yéle in 2004, but it only had $37,000 in assets… »10/12/12 5:30pm10/12/12 5:30pm

Donna Karan Shoots Ad Campaign In Haiti, Gets Called Racist

Critics are calling Donna Karan misguided and possibly racist for shooting her new spring ad campaign in Haiti, but using a white model as its star. In two ads, Victoria's Secret supermodel Adriana Lima appears alone, but in the third, pictured above, two Haitian teenagers pose in the background behind her. Unusually… »12/16/11 12:45pm12/16/11 12:45pm

Kim Kardashian Finally Does Something That's Not Totally Obnoxious

This time of year brings out the best in all of us, and even Kim Kardashian is getting into the holiday spirit. The tarnished star has traveled to Haiti to spend some time "giving back" with the charity cWe Advance, which calls itself "a movement to advance the health, safety, and well being of women throughout… »12/11/11 11:00am12/11/11 11:00am