Pregnant Shoplifter Attacks Store Employee With Hairspray She Was Trying to Steal

A pregnant woman in South Carolina was trying to lift a few things from a beauty supply store when one of the store's employees caught her red-handed. Rather than admit she was wrong and return the goods, Alexis Sade Hayes went on the attack. She hit the employee in the head with a can of hairspray she'd been… »1/17/12 11:05pm1/17/12 11:05pm

Big Hair Is Sexy, Cigarettes Whiten Teeth, Not Having Cellulite Is Awesome

Sometimes you can't even get to the heart of the editorial content of a magazine because there are so many ads. And while a few ads are innocuous, pretty or straightforward, many are just bad. Hence, Badvertising! After the jump, some of the worst advertisements from recent issues of Elle, Allure and Glamour. »7/03/08 2:00pm7/03/08 2:00pm