How Much Do I Tip for That?: A Beauty Investigation

During a recent trip to Houston, I got a manicure and pedicure because it was spring in the south but the dead of winter in New York City and my toes were not ready for public consumption. As a woman who affords herself few mani-pedi’s, I’m never sure what to tip so I texted two girlfriends and asked. But when I gave… »4/06/15 2:30pm4/06/15 2:30pm

Diabolical Barber Gives Misbehaving Kids the "Old Man" Special

Kids acting up? Not getting the grades they should be or listening to you when it's time to wash the dishes? Well, if you live in Snellville, Georgia, you don't have to punish them with time outs or idle threats of giving them to the bad man who will sell all of their organs for below-market value. You can send them… »2/04/15 9:47pm2/04/15 9:47pm

New 'Get Laid Haircut' Fixes Everything Wrong With You

Ladies: things are wrong. Things are wrong with me, and they're wrong with you. Other (perfect) people don't have things wrong, but we do, you and me. And if we fix the things that are wrong by purchasing products and services, the wrongness will sort of drift away and we'll garner the admiration we so crave — or at… »10/17/13 11:25am10/17/13 11:25am

Almost Nobody Can Tell a $28 Haircut From a $600 Haircut. Try It!

Time to stop busting your mom's balls for going to Supercuts (or vice versa). Inspired by Anne Hathaway's $600 pixie cut, ABC's 20/20 Confessions sent four women into the wilds of Hollywood to get haircuts with very different price points. They got the women out on the street to see if anyone could tell the difference… »5/04/13 4:00pm5/04/13 4:00pm

Why Can't a Man Ever Tell a Woman the 'Truth' About How She Looks?

In TV, magazine and etiquette lore, a man who dares to comment on a woman's appearance in a negative or critical manner is on dangerous ground. "Honey, does this spandex see-thru jegging/tube dress make me look fat?" is trotted out in some sitcom or another by a validation-seeking female, then we cut to the awkward… »3/20/13 6:00pm3/20/13 6:00pm

JCPenney Had to Dial Back Its Haircut Giveaway Because It Was Working Too Well

Members of JCPenney's marketing team all put their thinking caps on this summer and decided that a great way to trap people in their stores and cajole them into buying pantsuits or sweatshirts was to offer free back-to-school haircuts to kids. CEO Ron Johnson, however, soon discovered that free back-to-school haircuts… »9/11/12 10:30am9/11/12 10:30am