The Slacker's Guide to Getting Haim Hair and Becoming the Fourth Haim

It's three a.m. and I'm glued to Tumblr. I'm not a teen, so this is unusual. It's Sunday night, and my non-teenage job requires me to have an active brain in only six hours, but I can't look away from the constantly refreshing scroll—all pictures of Danielle Haim flanked by her sisters Este and Alana. They stare back… »4/07/15 3:20pm4/07/15 3:20pm

Haim and Morris Day Do 'Jungle Love' on Kimmel, It's Kinda Weird

Jimmy Kimmel had Morris Day and the Time play with Haim, essentially so that he could say "Morris Day and the Haim" on camera. They played "Jungle Love," one of the greatest songs written in the entire 20th Century, and the sisters Haim acted as his back-up singers, all set to the backdrop of the AT&T logo, because… »2/10/15 5:45pm2/10/15 5:45pm

Taylor Swift is Taking Haim on Tour for Maximum '1989' Vibes

Wait—am I gonna get sued for typing the year "1989" without a copyright? No? Okay. So, Taylor Swift, god of your gods but not of mine, has been spending a good amount of time with the Haim sisters as of late, calling them her "squad" like she has been listening to a lot of Waka Flocka and going on vacation with them… »2/02/15 11:30am2/02/15 11:30am

HAIM and Lorde Perform 'Strong Enough' and My Vagina Just Exploded

Set a Save the Date for November 21, because that's when VH1 will be airing the premiere of their concert series You Oughta Know featuring HAIM and Lorde performing Sheryl Crowe's "Strong Enough," a song the girl group has covered before. The show features up-and-coming performers [OH I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE VERY… »11/15/13 6:30pm11/15/13 6:30pm