Meet The One Person Who Actively Hates Kim Kardashian's Ass

Last night's episode of The CW's H8R featured Kim Kardashian barging in on a poor woman during her yoga class in order for Kim to tell her that she'd heard all of the trash she had talked about her — and her rear end. Her her biggest issue with Kardashian was how she had taken big butts, a trait she identified with,… »9/29/11 7:10pm9/29/11 7:10pm

In Winning Over One 'H8R,' Scott Disick Earns A Million More

It would seem the The CW's H8R was practically made for Scott Disick, the socialite-turned-model-turned-Kardashian Klan member. Though "haters" of Disick can be found virtually anywhere, Mario Lopez set up one lucky girl — who happened to call Scott a "massive douche" so many times that even Lopez couldn't help but… »9/22/11 5:40pm9/22/11 5:40pm

Snooki Does Her Best To Win Over Judgmental Parents

Since The CW had released clips of Snooki meeting her H8R over the summer, I didn't think there would be anything interesting in last night's premiere episode of the show. But I was wrong. The Jersey Shore guidette didn't just confront her hater — but her hater's parents, a reserved-and-judgemental mother and former… »9/15/11 1:20pm9/15/11 1:20pm