Redditor Asks Gynecologists to Reveal All Their Secrets

A Redditor who posted a question about what gynecologists can tell about their patients "lifestyle" from an examination probably didn't expect to get science dropped on them by actual MDs. The question which appeared on the site 18 hours ago asked the site's resident gynecologists to reveal all about what the redditor… »3/01/14 1:29pm3/01/14 1:29pm

World's Worst Gyno Took Secret Photos of Thousands of Patient Exams

Going to the gyno is enough of a pain in the cervix without the fear that the doctor between your legs is snapping pictures without your knowledge. But, for 9,000 ex-patients of deceased Johns Hopkins gynecologist Dr. Nikita Levy, that seemingly irrational fear may actually have been warranted. Bleargh. »11/06/13 7:15pm11/06/13 7:15pm

Creepy 'Love Surgery' Performed on New Moms' Unwitting Vaginas

Dr. James C. Burt was a simple gynecologist with a simple goal: to make life better for the boners of husbands of women who just had their love-holes ruined by childbirth. And so, for more than 20 years starting in the mid-1960's, Dr. Burt would perform vagina-tightening surgery on his new mom patients without their… »11/29/12 4:25pm11/29/12 4:25pm

Gynecologists Don’t Want to Hear About What Ladies Do with Their Ladyparts

According to a self-flagellating report in what should be called the Journal of Sexual Healing but is instead prosaically named the Journal of Sexual Medicine, a national survey of OB-GYN sexual history screenings have revealed that doctors are shying away from discussing sexy times with their patients. »3/24/12 1:30pm3/24/12 1:30pm

25-Year-Old Woman Sues Doctor For Not Delivering Her Via C-Section

Many women are concerned that once they're in labor, their doctors will ignore their birth plan. Halina Jane Gillett is suing Professor Jeffrey Robinson, one of Australia's most respected obstetricians, because she says he disregarded a request for a caesarean — from Gillett's mother in 1985. Instead, Robinson chose… »8/02/11 11:43am8/02/11 11:43am