Your Cheap-Ass Gym Is Messing With Your Mind, Doesn't Want You Healthy

Most of us hate going to the gym. It's intimidating and, unless you're Hamilton Nolan, you don't even know how to use half the machines and weights. So when Planet Fitness showed up and started offering pizza nights and massage chairs, it all sounded great. But Planet Fitness doesn't really care about your fitness. In… » 12/18/14 9:30pm 12/18/14 9:30pm

Yoga Isn't 'For Ladies' and Weights Aren't 'For Men'

Women make up slightly less than half of the NFL's fanbase. They're going to college in larger numbers than men. They're the Senators grabbing the legislative branch by the collar and dragging the country away from fiscal precipice. And yet! it's still weird for us when we try to use the weight room at a new gym.… » 10/24/13 11:04am 10/24/13 11:04am

This Man's Fierce Elliptical Dance Turns Gym Into Fabulous Nightclub

Unless you work out at Crunch (which as far as I can tell is a giant adult playground made of oversized foam gears), spending hours at the gym can be incredibly boredom-inducing. Not for this guy, who turned a vanilla elliptical sesh into serious realness. » 8/22/13 4:40pm 8/22/13 4:40pm

Equinox Gym Offering Free Hurricane Workouts if You're Crazy Enough to…

New York has shuttered its entire public transportation system. The streets of the five boroughs are empty, save for the howling winds and a few lone rats, scuttling away from steadily rising waves of water. » 10/29/12 3:15pm 10/29/12 3:15pm

Is This Bizarre Gym Ad Guilty of Bodybuilder Snarking?

Anyone who's familiar with Planet Fitness ads knows that their message, basically, is that people of average physical fitness can workout in a Planet Fitness without fear of being menaced by steroidal mutants. Sometimes, this message is conveyed clearly, and other times...this happens. Are flaccid-armed men being… » 9/10/12 11:20pm 9/10/12 11:20pm

Excalibur Alums Immediately Defend Their Gym Against Gabby Douglas’…

On Sunday, Gabby Douglas sat down with Oprah and revealed some pretty harrowing anecdotes about some of the racial bullying she allegedly endured while training at Excalibur's gym in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She told Oprah that, as the only African American training at Excalibur, she sometimes felt bullied, which in… » 8/28/12 10:00am 8/28/12 10:00am

Jobs Make You Fat, Gyms Make You Rich

Do you have a job? Then bad news: You are probably fat. Or if you are not fat already, you are going to get fat. At least that is the conclusion one reaches after looking at the results of a new CareerBuilder survey about which jobs are most likely to make people gain weight. Is your job on the list? Almost certainly… » 6/08/12 10:25am 6/08/12 10:25am

Clever Puggle Has Some Seriously Adorable Exercise Moves

A high speed workout is nothing this little athlete can't handle. Imagine how much more fun the gym would be if running on a treadmill was this effortlessly cute for all of us. » 4/15/12 11:15pm 4/15/12 11:15pm

Gym Invites You to Crack a Walnut with Your Rock Hard Ass and Then Eat…

This ridiculous ad for a chain of Russian gyms seems to be a wee bit confused about why people work out. There are plenty of reasons why people want to be buff, but being able to eat a nut that you've cracked with your bare ass is not usually one of them. And, in case you think it's disgusting to chew on something… » 2/20/12 11:15pm 2/20/12 11:15pm

In Insane New Ad, Gym Likens Itself to Auschwitz Because It's 'A…

Just when you thought every single person in the world had learned the lesson that it is never, never, never a good idea to make light of the holocaust, this comes along: A gym called the Circuit Factory in Dubai put out an ad several days ago that features a picture of the Auschwitz concentration camp with the… » 1/08/12 5:10pm 1/08/12 5:10pm

Woman Dancing On Treadmill Makes The Rest Of Us Look Lame

Wait, you can dance on a treadmill??? Why is this not a thing that is happening at gyms all of the time? Working out this way looks like so much more fun... Oh, right, this isn't a nationwide fitness craze because for most of us walking on a treadmill is difficult enough, and we'd fall to our death and then die… » 11/27/11 11:35am 11/27/11 11:35am

Introducing Athletic Spanx, For A Smooth Silhouette At The Gym

We are informed by Spanx that it has moved into "active wear," meaning that you can soon shimmy and sweat into "bagel-busting, moisture-wicking Slim-X® waistband, a flared leg, and back seams to visually slim the silhouette" for $118. Yeah, that's pretty meta. » 7/26/11 3:40pm 7/26/11 3:40pm

Gold's Gym Hates Your Legs

Gold's Gym has a "humorous" new ad campaign called "Say No To Cankles." Despite the fact that, as every health and fitness expert knows, spot reduction is a myth. Still, on the gym's microsite, there is text which reads: » 6/30/09 4:00pm 6/30/09 4:00pm

Warning: Madonna's Workouts May Ruin Your Life

Daily Mail reporter Ashley Pearson, who describes herself as a "normal size 14 girl" followed the workout recommended by the woman who trains Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow and her reaction was surprising. » 2/06/09 12:30pm 2/06/09 12:30pm

Get Fit In 2009 By Stripping

Looking for a way to lose a few pounds and celebrate Women's Self Empowerment Week? Order your at-home exotic dancing workout DVD now and get a stripper pole for just a dollar! » 1/05/09 3:20pm 1/05/09 3:20pm

Is Your Gym Killing You?

As if it weren't hard enough to stick to an exercise regimen, now there's the news that in addition to sweaty spandex-clad thighs and the stench of B.O., the gym is a breeding ground for staph infections. As some people know, germs are everywhere. And if you're like me, you can't get a decent night's sleep at a hotel,… » 11/01/07 6:20pm 11/01/07 6:20pm