Gwen Stefani Performs New Single "Start a War"

Gwen Stefani hasn't performed a full solo concert in nearly eight years. But last night, on the eve of the Grammys, Stefani performed a full show at the Orpheum Theater. » 2/08/15 2:30pm 2/08/15 2:30pm

Sparkly Cleavage and One Awkward Low-Rise Pant at the People Awards

America's most upscale tabloid People held its annual awards show last night, acknowledging the most influential people of its 2014 or whatever-whatever. People being People, its red carpet attracted quite the coterie of A-listers, wearing a range of ensembles from wonderful to disastrous, and a nice little preview as… » 12/19/14 4:10pm 12/19/14 4:10pm

Gwen Stefani: Harajuku Girl Accessories Were 'A Compliment'

Ten years after the release of Love. Angel. Music. Baby., Gwen Stefani is entering the cultural appropriation debate and defending her use of the Harajuku Girls, the group of Japanese backup dancers that accompanied her on tour and throughout the promotion of the album. » 12/09/14 10:15am 12/09/14 10:15am

Y/N: Nicki Minaj's Personal Raps and Gwen's Emoji Video Fall Short

Weekly-ish, a pre-approved, snap-judged music guide based on our very scientific, non-subjective Yes/No rating system. There's really no debating this, come on, stop. » 12/03/14 6:30pm 12/03/14 6:30pm

Live Vicariously Through These Celebrity Thanksgiving Instagram Pics

Thanksgiving in America is, for many celebrities, about a few things, in no particular order: 1. thankfulness; 2. gluttony; 3. family 4. INSTAGRAM. It's the tour kickoff, if you will, for the next full month of holiday excess, and accordingly celebrities were out in social droves on America's favorite photo app,… » 11/28/14 12:30pm 11/28/14 12:30pm

Here's Gwen Stefani's New 'Feminist' Track 'Spark the Fire'

Earlier this month at the Odd Future Carnival, Pharrell previewed a bit of this Gwen track and said it was "about feminism." Today, Stefani dropped the album art and the song hit the internet tout suite. Not totally sure what this has to do with feminism, really except, is everyone just discovering Le Tigre or what… » 11/24/14 7:10pm 11/24/14 7:10pm

I Am Wasting My Life Watching The Voice

For the past seven weeks, The Voice has occupied two nights of primetime television—Mondays and Tuesdays, dead days unless you're one of those people who watches The Blacklist, but two nights nonetheless. This week, the show transitions to live performances, in which Americans will exercise their rights to vote on… » 11/11/14 3:50pm 11/11/14 3:50pm

Singer Does 'Forget You' In 25 Different Celebrity Voices

Christina Bianco is back, this time with a powerhouse cover of "Forget You," featuring more of her signature celebrity impressions. » 10/27/14 9:30am 10/27/14 9:30am

Gwen Stefani and This Swedish Lady Are Ripping Off Everybody

Apparently, Swedish fans are mad because they think Gwen Stefani's new song, "Baby Don't Lie," is ripping off "Heartbreakfree," a song by Ji Nilsson. Having listened to both, I have come to the conclusion that they are both ripping off something, and that something is dancehall. » 10/24/14 4:20pm 10/24/14 4:20pm

Yes or No, Vol. 4: Kiesza, Gwen Stefani & Nick Jonas

Weekly-ish, a pre-approved, snap-judged music guide based on our very scientific, non-subjective Yes/No rating system. There's really no debating this, come on, stop. » 10/22/14 4:30pm 10/22/14 4:30pm

Curious what Gwen Stefani's new single "Baby Don't Lie" (set to release Monday) sounds like? Check it out here. The song's the first single from her third studio album and writing credits include Benny Blanco ("California Gurls," "Moves Like Jagger"), OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder, and Noel Zancanella ("Lucky Strike,"… » 10/18/14 6:17pm 10/18/14 6:17pm

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Lip Syncing 'Endless Love' Is Hilarious

There are a few things we could talk about when it comes to The Tonight Show's latest lip sync battle featuring Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton: How it doesn't really hold a candle to lip syncs past, how both Voice mentors seem a little drunk OR what a girl (for the sake of the story, let's just say I'm the girl) would… » 9/18/14 9:50am 9/18/14 9:50am

Mike Tyson Calls Host a 'Piece of Shit' For Mentioning Rape Conviction

Mike Tyson does not like to be reminded of the fact that he is a convicted rapist. A talk show in Canada found that out the hard way. » 9/10/14 8:00pm 9/10/14 8:00pm

Gwen Stefani's Name Flub Gets Memorialized in Colbert Report Intro

At Monday night's Emmys, Gwen Stefani — catching a bad case of the Adele Dazeems — mispronounced Stephen Colbert's name as "Colbore" when announcing that The Colbert Report had won Best Variety Series. » 8/27/14 12:00pm 8/27/14 12:00pm

Andrew Garfield Mansplains Femininity to Emma Stone

The cast of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 did a Q&A for kids this week, and star Andrew Garfield got a healthy dose of side-eye from Emma Stone when he answered the question of how Spider-Man got his suit in a particularly smarmy way. » 4/19/14 11:30am 4/19/14 11:30am

​Gwen Stefani Showed Up to Coachella to Perform "Hollaback Girl"

Just in case you wanted to bask in an awkwardly nostalgic moment in everyone's lives (yes everyone), here's Gwen Stefani (about a month and a half after giving birth to her third child) performing her 2004 song "Hollaback Girl" with Pharrell at Coachella. I love her. I do. She's iconic, and is able to successfully… » 4/13/14 6:00pm 4/13/14 6:00pm

DMX May Not Lay The Smackdown on George Zimmerman After All

There was absolutely nothing good about the announcement that certified awful person George Zimmerman (no celebrity bold for you!) would appear on an episode of Celebrity Boxing to square off against rapper DMX (on what would have been Trayvon Martin's 19th birthday, no less). This news was actually so not good that… » 2/08/14 12:15pm 2/08/14 12:15pm