What Guys Think About the Hair Down There

Welcome back to Guysourcing, where a panel of helpful gentlemen answer your questions! This week, we asked, (again by reader request — keep 'em coming, readers!) "What do you expect to see, pubic-hair-wise, when the pants come off? And what are your reactions to your partners' choice? Completely shaven? Landing strip?… » 2/10/12 4:10pm 2/10/12 4:10pm

Send Us Your Questions And We'll Guysource Them

Are you curious about ball maintenance? Wet dreams? Men's opinions on the so-called "he-covery"? Whether your concerns are high or low, you now have the chance to poll our carefully selected stable of anonymous guys on a topic of your choosing. You ask, they'll answer, and we'll report back. But first you need to ask! » 7/18/11 4:00pm 7/18/11 4:00pm