Chrissy Teigen Rides the Bus to Flavortown in Horrifying Guy Fieri Costume

Please do not panic, this is only a warning: Two days from now (the Friday before Halloween), Chrissy Teigen will appear on American television in a costume so horrifying that you may want to make sure your children are out of the room when you watch FABlife (your favorite afternoon show presented by Tyra Banks). No,… »10/28/15 3:15pm10/28/15 3:15pm

Anthony Bourdain Asks 'How Does Guy Fieri De-Douche?'

In a new issue of Atlanta Magazine, Anthony Bourdain—always the most delightfully catty chef in the kitchen—shifted a conversation on fatherhood into a backhanded discussion about what can be done to help Food Network chef (and human embodiment of a Mountain Dew campaign) Guy Fieri overcome his overwhelming Guy… »7/15/15 8:00pm7/15/15 8:00pm

Guy Fieri's New Menu Offers a 52-oz Bloody Mary Garnished with Sausage

It appears that Guy Fieri, Clown Prince of Flavortown, is in the breakfast game now, and he's taken to it like a duck wearing backwards sunglasses riding a skateboard through a lake of flames. The menu at Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen & Grill includes "Dragon's Breath Chili Cornbread Benedict," "Chicken Fried Bacon… »8/01/14 8:30pm8/01/14 8:30pm

Holy Crap, Guy Fieri's 'Cheesecake Challenge' Dessert Is Harrowing

The new menu of the Las Vegas restaurant belonging to celebrity douche-chef Guy Fieri has already made several heaving rounds on the internet, and while many have the courage to laugh at such offerings as pepperoni wrapped breadsticks known as Guy-talian Fondue Dippers, few have the courage to try them. And even fewer… »6/27/14 3:15pm6/27/14 3:15pm

Guy Fieri Got in a Fist-Fight with His Hairdresser, Because Life Is Joy

Okay, first of all, aren't we all in a little bit of a fight with Guy Fieri's hairdresser? And second of all, HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAA. Apparently, in a car on the way home from the airport, the Mayor of Flavortown and his hairdresser Ariel Ramirez got drunk and started punching each other. Oh, also there's a… »10/30/13 8:00pm10/30/13 8:00pm

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody in Love: Life Imitates WB Fanfic

The universe works in mysterious ways, but occasionally a gear will click into place and simplify at least one aspect of your troubled adult existence. Examples: cheese going on fries, and the fact that Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen are dating. See? Motherfucking TOLD YOU. It's like the plot of The Time Traveler's Wife »2/06/13 9:00am2/06/13 9:00am

Guy Fieri Will Ruin Your Super Bowl Party with Toilet Snacks

Last night's episode of SNL featured Channing Tatum getting all kinds of shirtless and Bobby Moynihan doing his awesome Guy Fieri impression on the Weekend Update. Hopefully you have some better snacks on your Super Bowl party menu, otherwise you'll be in danger of turning your "Super Bowl party into a Super Bowl… »2/05/12 3:00pm2/05/12 3:00pm