Convicted Rapist Lawmaker Loses Concealed Gun License, Goes Apeshit

Meet admitted rapist and Idaho State Rep. Mark Patterson (R-Boise). On Sunday, Patterson received notice that his concealed carry license was being revoked because in 2007 and 2012, he lied on his permit application when he said he hadn't pled guilty to rape (Mark Patterson, in fact, did). Patterson is fighting back,… » 11/14/13 2:00pm 11/14/13 2:00pm

George Zimmerman Threatened Wife With a Bullseye Full of Bullet Holes

George Zimmerman, the gun waving lunatic who killed BUT DID NOT MURDER unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin, is in the middle of a messy divorce. The latest allegation brought by his estranged wife is that once when he was mad at her, he nailed a bullseye riddled with bullet holes to her parents' house. "Yep, sounds about… » 10/31/13 2:10pm 10/31/13 2:10pm

NBC Sports Guy Kills Elephant, Says If You Don't Like It You're Hitler

NBC Sports announcer and idiotic nutjob (more on that TK) Tony Markis recently shot an elephant in the head for a TV show. Why? Because guns! Because freedom! Because CONSTITUTION FOUNDING FATHERS IN GOD WE TRUST NEVER FORGET! In an interview that questioned his taste Markis compared his critics to Hitler and accused… » 9/27/13 7:15pm 9/27/13 7:15pm

Gun Rights Advocates Are the World's Biggest Assholes

Last night, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz published a letter on the company's website politely requesting that people stop bringing guns to Starbucks. Why is this even necessary? Because, in case you haven't been following, gun rights activists have become borderline Westboro Baptist-level assholes. » 9/18/13 1:40pm 9/18/13 1:40pm

Shemane Nugent Arrested for Bringing Blunderbuss to Airport Security

Today in IRONY: The Magazine Dedicated to Anecdotal Instances of Celebrities Getting Hoisted by Their Own Petards & Other Comical Juxtapositionings, Ted Nugent's gun-enthused spouse Shemane Nugent was detained Friday at a Dallas-area airport for trying to go through a security checkpoint with a loaded gun. Public safety … » 9/01/13 11:30am 9/01/13 11:30am

Dumb Opinion: Little Boys Need Toy Guns to Thrive

Christina Hoff Sommers, champion of conservative feminism and boyz II menz rights, argues that schools' "efforts to re-engineer the young-male imagination" by penalizing them for loving guns and superheroes are destroying our best and brightest young men, who can only be happy and successful if they have big guns in… » 8/22/13 4:20pm 8/22/13 4:20pm

Woman Stops Elementary School Gunman Using Sheer Awesomeness

In the wake of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School last December, NRA head Wayne LaPierre famously quipped that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. I guess no one told Antoinette Tuff, who just yesterday prevented a standoff with a gunman from turning into another… » 8/21/13 4:50pm 8/21/13 4:50pm

George Zimmerman Saves Strangers From Overturned Truck, Disappears

OK, I use italics a lot, but I really mean them this time: this is weird. Police in Sanford, Florida say George Zimmerman — who killed BUT DIDN'T MURDER Trayvon Martin — has emerged from hiding to save a stranger family of four strangers from an overturned truck and then disappear again into the night like the goddamn… » 7/22/13 2:20pm 7/22/13 2:20pm

George Zimmerman To Have Touching Reunion With His Gun

Get out your hankies, kids, because it's about to get real dusty in here — puffy Floridian child killer George Zimmerman will soon likely reunite with his soul mate: the trusty, reliable gun he used to fatally shoot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin through the heart. Sometimes life really does seem like one big, fuzzy… » 7/15/13 12:40pm 7/15/13 12:40pm

NRA Awards Membership to 8-Year-Old Who Made Gun-Shaped Pop Tart

How are things over in NRA-world, a mystical place in which logic runs backwards and the guns are as plentiful as the countless billowing American flags? Oh, about the same as usual — the gun bras are dangling off of clotheslines, the sound of delighted laughter is mingling with the ricochets of bullets at target… » 5/31/13 12:45pm 5/31/13 12:45pm

NRA Convention Featured Pink Guns, Bra Holsters for the Ladies

GUNS!!!!! Right, ladies?? You like GUNS, don’t you? What do you mean, “Not really, no”? All Americans like GUNS because GUNS are totems of our essential Americanness. Consider the great GUN movies through the history of the American cinema — Top Gun, The Naked Gun, The Guns of Navarone, and, of course, Thunder Gun.… » 5/06/13 10:25am 5/06/13 10:25am