​'Saturday Morning Slow-Jams' is Back with a Gummi Bears Cover

We absolutely loved the Duck Tales cover (I still go back to just listen to it—it's a great song), and now Scott Bradlee and his crew are back with their latest take on a cartoon theme song as part of their Saturday Morning Slow-Jams series. This time they jammed on the 'Gummi Bears' theme song and it is delightful. … » 5/18/14 5:00pm 5/18/14 5:00pm

Gummi Bears Object To Depiction In Katy Perry Video

"Those are definitely not Trolli Gummi bears in the video because Trolli Gummi Bears would never be that rude," says John Leonardo, senior brand manager. Haribo did not responded to a request for comment. [ONTD via MTV News, Related] » 6/17/10 2:20pm 6/17/10 2:20pm