805 Skinny Dippers Break Guinness Record, Create Disgusting Human Soup

805 people got together in Florida to shed their clothes and take a dip in the water to break the Guinness World Record for the most people naked at once and swimming together in a non-sexual (?) manner. I'm kinda grossed out by all those bodily fluids seeping into orifices (sorry) but then again, I'm a never-nude… »11/04/13 9:30pm11/04/13 9:30pm


95-Year-Old Woman Sets World Record By Marrying Her Adorable 98-Year-Old Boyfriend

Yesterday 95-year-old Lillian Hartley married her longtime sweetheart 98-year-old Allen Marks. The two, who were both widowed, met at a temple in Palm Springs 18 years ago and have been "living together in sin," as Lillian joked, ever since. They haven't gotten married until now because they've been too busy—they like… »3/01/12 9:45pm3/01/12 9:45pm

Dog Awarded The Guinness World Record For The Longest Ears In The World

Congratulations to Harbor, an 8-year-old Black and Tan Coonhound from Boulder, Colorado, for being awarded the Guinness World Record for having the longest ears as a living dog. His ears measure 12.25 inches (left) and 13.5 inches (right). And you thought you were teased for your dumbo-like ears in middle school! »9/06/11 6:15pm9/06/11 6:15pm

Girl With 12 Fingers, 14 Toes May Set New World Record

The family of Le Yati Min, a 16-month-old girl from Myanmar, is trying to prove that with six fingers on each hand and seven toes on each foot, she's the most "digitally enhanced" person in the world. The Guinness World Record is currently held by two people in India who have 12 fingers and 13 toes each. Le's mother… »2/15/11 11:30pm2/15/11 11:30pm