Guinea Pig Uses Pit Bull to Fashion the Perfect Hiding Spot

Well it's a god-awful hiding spot from most angles. But if you squint your eyes and believe, it's almost like the guinea pig is not even there. » 12/06/14 6:16pm 12/06/14 6:16pm

Keep your guinea pig protected with a rodent-sized suit of armor

If your guinea pig routinely dashes off into armed combat (or just likes the look of scale mail), you might want to outfit him or her in this handsome suit of armor, perfect for rolly-polly rodents. » 6/15/13 3:41pm 6/15/13 3:41pm

Hedgehog With A Mushroom Meets Guinea Pig With A Cannon

This combo drawing features sloe-eyed's request for a hedgehog using a mushroom as an umbrella and TragicSpinsterNYC's suggestion of "a guinea pig who enjoys historical reenactments." It's nice that the guinea pig is pointing the cannon away from the hedgehog. » 9/05/11 4:30pm 9/05/11 4:30pm