The Worst Wedding Gifts, Ranked

Weddings are about two things: Having hella fun with your friends and then charging them for the privilege of attending. But because every gift you receive is a mandatory thank you note to write, even the best gifts can be pain. So what happens when you get an awful gift? Like a handmade puppet or a fertility idol? Do… » 4/30/15 4:50pm 4/30/15 4:50pm

They Didn't Really Want You at Their Destination Wedding, Anyhow.

Destination weddings are a big deal for both the hosts and the guests. For the bride and groom, it's an extra layer of coordination and a lot of crossing your fingers that things turn out okay. For the guests, it can be a serious pain in the ass, and this often makes the lucky invitees very, very mad. » 10/28/14 3:10pm 10/28/14 3:10pm