Hi L7, Welcome Back, Please Don't Ever Leave Us Again

The legendary all-female grunge band L7 is back, playing their first round of shows in 15 long years. They played two New York gigs this week, at Irving Plaza in Manhattan and Warsaw in Brooklyn. They sound fucking great. They look fucking great. It was so much fun. Never go anywhere again, L7. »9/10/15 10:30am9/10/15 10:30am


L7 Just Played Their First Show in 18 Years

This is excellent: L7’s original lineup reunited for the first time in 18 years, playing a sold-out show at the Echo in L.A. According to Pitchfork, the bulk of the setlist was from 1992’s Bricks Are Heavy, the best grunge album ever written. Finally, this wave of ‘90s nostalgia bring us something awesome. »6/01/15 3:10pm6/01/15 3:10pm

Marge Simpson's Brief Brush With Radical Feminism In The '90s

Last night's episode of The Simpsons was a flashback look at Marge and Homer's life in the early '90s before they were married, when Homer was in a grunge band called Sadgasm and Marge had a Melrose Place-y hairdo while attending college. The nearly didn't make it, since Marge briefly fell in love with her douche bag… »1/28/08 6:00pm1/28/08 6:00pm

The Ol' Factor: CK Wants You Inside Him, Er... Fuck, He Texted Wrong, He Meant In 2 U

Once in awhile, by which we mean every Thursday about midway through of the New York Times, a story comes along that is so reedick, on so many levels, its preposterousness reaches a realm of stupidity we'll call metatextual, which is a word we learned (and forgot) back when we were studying for the SATs, which was —… »3/08/07 1:50pm3/08/07 1:50pm