Our Favorite Internet Cats Are Getting a Museum Exhibit

Get ready, cat people. An exhibit called “How Cats Took Over the Internet,” will debut on August 7 at the Museum of Moving Image in New York. According to a press release, the exhibition will take a “critical look at the phenomenon of cats online and how they have transfixed a generation of web users.” In a screening… »7/22/15 11:00pm7/22/15 11:00pm

'Anybody Can Be a Cat Lady' Including Me: Dispatches from CatCon

No one wants to talk about Grumpy Cat. Actually, everyone wants to talk about Grumpy Cat, but no one will do so on the record. The feline celebrity community is small and tight and, regardless of how they might feel, none of the people I speak to wants to be the one to bring Grumpy (or her owners) down. Plus, as one… »6/23/15 1:45pm6/23/15 1:45pm

Ari is a Lady Dog Who Looks Like Steve Buscemi and Needs a Home. 

Ari is an 8-month old pug, beagle, deer mix who has no home. She lives at the daycare I take my dog to. The day care takes pictures of the dogs all day for us neurotic owners. I have often seen pictures of Ari and thought, “who is this creature with the face of an award-winning character actor in a cable prestige… »4/20/15 10:30pm4/20/15 10:30pm

NIPPLE NEWS: Grumpy Cat Pasties are a thing

Do you ever feel like Grumpy Cat conquered the virtual world and, hey, has also become popular offline (with Grumpy Cat iphone cases, pillows, and everything else in this Buzzfeed article) but there's still one realm without her famous pout? Have you had to settle for using Grumpy Cat stickers to shield your nipples… »10/15/13 11:05am10/15/13 11:05am