Watch This Groom Completely Ruin His Wedding With a Drunk Lap Dance

If looks could kill, the bride’s expression would have set the whole banquet hall on fire, burning anyone who witnessed this fiasco into a thin crisp of a former human. At least then everyone would be dead, with no one left to tell the tale of a groom who made a beginner’s mistake—being the drunkest person at the… »6/16/15 4:10pm6/16/15 4:10pm

Internet Weddings Will Probably Be Bad for Rom-Coms, Personal Hygiene

Now that more people are using the Internet than have ever used the Internet before, a new study has revealed that brides-to-be, who are also people with all the agency and horror that personhood entails, are more likely to use the Internet to quickly disseminate news of their successful nuptials. Are you stunned?… »3/24/13 12:30pm3/24/13 12:30pm

The Daily Express points our attention to a (supposed) in nuptials: Groomzillas, or grooms who are o
The Daily Express »8/25/08 10:40am8/25/08 10:40am points our attention to a (supposed) in nuptials: Groomzillas, or grooms who are obsessed with controlling and creating their perfect wedding. However, the requirements for a man to be labeled a "groomzilla" are as simple as a man picking out his own tux (an actual quote: "I initially had an idea of…

Single Slut Crashes New York Weddings Showcase

Initially, when Anna and I decided to attend New York Magazine's Weddings Showcase, we figured it would be a great opportunity to make fun of all the maniacal brides-to-be, harried maids of honor and opinionated mothers looking for chic and modern ways to piss away $100K on a party celebrating a union that has less… »4/03/08 3:00pm4/03/08 3:00pm

Will Your Marriage Last? Vintage Chart Tells All!

An Associate Professor of Social Economy at Bryn Mawr named Hornell Hart, created a chart — printed in the October 1927 issue of Popular Science — which predicts one's chances for marital happiness using "a new scientific method." The chart (pictured after the jump) is based on the age of the groom and the age of the… »11/16/07 3:20pm11/16/07 3:20pm