Maine High School Cancels Homecoming Because Kids Are Dancing Too Sexy Now

Someone page Ren McCormack, because a Maine high school just outlawed dancing. Gorham High School in Gorham, ME has said “no” to freaking, grinding, and twerking, and the students—many of whom are upset that they won’t get to dress up or take pictures at the lousy bonfire their school has scheduled instead—need… »10/08/15 5:10pm10/08/15 5:10pm


Dudes Grinding On The Dance Floor Need To Settle Down

Women are uniting in the case against Dirty Dancing — and no, we're not talking movie purists who are upset about the upcoming sequel to the film of the same name. We're talking grinding, "freak dancing," dry-humping — call it what you will, but it is not something the women interviewed by Good Morning America feel… »8/16/11 3:50pm8/16/11 3:50pm

"Is Being A Deadbeat Dad An Automatic Dealbreaker?"

It's time for another installment of Pot Psychology, the advice column in which everyone's problems are solved with an "herbal" remedy. (Remember, kids: Don't do drugs!) In this episode, my friend till the end, Rich, helps me dole out advice on stuff like pubic hair, threesomes, and boners. Got a burning question?… »5/16/08 4:20pm5/16/08 4:20pm