How Do I Get My Spouse To Cook Better Meals?

Welcome to the Feedbag, where all the dumb questions about food, drink, cooking, eating, and accidental finger removal you've been embarrassed to ask can finally receive the berating they goddamn deserve. Also: answers. Send all your even-vaguely-food-related questions to with the subject… »8/21/13 5:47pm8/21/13 5:47pm


Pork Industry Booklet Will Teach Silly Ladies All About Grilling Pork... Sexily!

Hey, ladies! Know what's hard? Besides math and dicks? Grilling. Luckily, the Pork Information Bureau (which is a really a thing that exists) has released a helpful guide for women who are looking at big pieces of raw meat and they're all like "Huh?" this outdoor cooking season. Fire up your yogurt stilettos, gals!… »7/02/12 6:20pm7/02/12 6:20pm