Gwyneth Paltrow's 'Working Mother' Comments Rile Up Fox News

Gwyneth Paltrow and Greta Van Susteren are feuding, and you have to choose a side! Are you Team Gwyneth, Team Greta or Team Buying a Samurai Sword on eBay So You Can Fall on It and Never Have to Answer? » 10/13/14 3:30pm 10/13/14 3:30pm

Greta Van Susteren Harrumphs Louis C.K. Out of Congressional…

Noted comedian and Cinnabon connoisseur Louis C.K. has backed out of his speaking gig at the 68th annual Radio & Television Congressional Correspondents dinner, prompting wild speculation that his cancellation has something to do with Fox News's designated Sarah Palin circus handler, Greta Van Susteren. Though C.K.'s… » 3/10/12 11:00am 3/10/12 11:00am

Palin Disses Liberal Feminists, Defends Willow

Last night, Sarah Palin chatted with Greta Van Susteren about what "liberal feminists" get wrong, and Willow's use of a "bad word." But between Van Susteren's softballs, I started wondering what would happen if liberals tried treating Palin with respect. » 11/24/10 2:45pm 11/24/10 2:45pm

Miss California Opens Mouth, Exhales Inanity

Last night, Miss California, Carrie Prejean, called into Greta Van Susteren's show on Fox and proved that she may not be the best spokesperson against gay marriage, as she knows almost nothing about the issue. » 5/01/09 3:00pm 5/01/09 3:00pm

Greta Van Susteren — who, truth be told, I really liked » 9/19/08 7:45pm 9/19/08 7:45pm when we met — for (including calling her "white trash," a "porn star," and suggesting she shoot Levi Johnson — for real). Few people have me can doubt that I think Mallick's statements are beyond the pale and that she deserves to be called out. But "pig"? I…

Greta Van Susteren On The Empowering Nature Of Apathy

Greta Van Susteren is one of Fox News' anchors and even after I kvelled all over Bill Hemmer last week, she was still willing to sit down for an interview. So I trekked over to the Fox News tent at the RNC yesterday to talk to Greta about all the gender issues going on in politics and the media. I was going to ask how… » 9/03/08 6:00pm 9/03/08 6:00pm

Everyone — Even Jack Cafferty — Ends Up Disappointing

Oxy Withdrawal? Or Just "Spoiled Bratitis"? Shep And Greta Tackle The…

You know we love Shepard Smith the most of all anchormanchildren, and Greta Van Susteren the most of all the Scientologists, and what we love about the two of them together is that, in spite of all their accumulated combined professional gravitas, they attack a subject like Paris's courtroom conduct like we would talk… » 6/08/07 5:40pm 6/08/07 5:40pm