These Deceptive Insult Cards Are the Best Thing You Will See Today

Ever want to piss someone off before you make them the happiest person alive? Of course you do; because if you make someone a little bit unhappy before you make them happy, the intense feeling of relief will actually make them even more elated. That is a mind hack and one that these greeting cards employ better than… »7/10/14 7:15pm7/10/14 7:15pm

Target Is Now Selling Greeting Cards for Same-Sex Couples

In a relatively small but still heartwarming gesture towards equality for all, Target is now stocking greeting cards celebrating same-sex marriage because it wants to celebrate "diversity and inclusivity" and offer products that are "relevant for everyone." An added bonus: judging by the photos in the Minneapolis… »7/16/12 2:40pm7/16/12 2:40pm

Hallmark Offers Depressing Cards For The Recently Laid Off

Next time a friend loses her job, you can show her you care (and are still employed yourself) by sending her an $8 musical card featuring Chumbawamba. Hallmark has rolled out a line of greeting cards for the unemployed, which features slogans like, "Don't think of it as losing your job. Think of it as a time out… »9/28/11 9:30am9/28/11 9:30am