Don't Pinch Me: A St. Patrick's Day Manifesto

There are many reasons why I hate St. Patrick's Day: I can't stand parades (I always get trapped in them by accident), organized day-drinking bugs me — I'm an adult, I can get drunk during the day whenever I want — and green isn't my color. But my biggest issue with St. Patty's (oh, and I also hate when people call it… »3/16/12 6:30pm3/16/12 6:30pm

One of These Hillary Clintons Is Not Like the Others

Hillary Clinton showed up for a meeting of the G-20 Foreign Ministers in Mexico and lived every party guests' nightmare: wearing the wrong outfit. The State Department said there was no dress code issued that they'd missed; so it wasn't by design that she wore a bold color while everyone else wore boring old white.… »2/21/12 11:15pm2/21/12 11:15pm

Privileged Kids Say The Darndest Things! The New Junior Eco-Police

As a child who had all the self-righteous conviction of a young Ingrid Newkirk and routinely lectured both children and adults on the dangers of meanness, smoking and reading Once Upon A Potty »10/10/08 6:00pm10/10/08 6:00pm, I feel uniquely qualified to comment on incredibly annoying children who parrot back their parents' convictions while the…

MTV Profiles People Who Drop Out Of Society To Live Off The Grid

This weekend, MTV aired another installment of its documentary series True Life »10/06/08 4:00pm10/06/08 4:00pm, called . It followed a group of people who live with an incredible amount of guilt concerning the resources they use and joined a program to learn how to live completely off the land, using no man-made materials (besides clothing, which…