An Interview with a Woman Who Abandoned the University of Alabama's Famed Political 'Machine'

Earlier this week, University of Alabama sophomore and member of the school student government Alex Smith wrote an op-ed for campus paper the Crimson White about her decision to stop working with “the Machine.” The college’s old boy’s club is also known as Theta Nu Epsilon, and it’s comprised of members of… »10/30/15 10:50am10/30/15 10:50am

U. of Alabama Student Publicly Quits Secretive Greek Society Known as 'The Machine'

The University of Alabama’s not-so-secret political coalition The Machine, which controls their Student Government via approved members of the Greek system, has dissent in its midst. On Monday, the student paper The Crimson White published an op-ed from a senator who says she no longer wants to work under their… »10/26/15 4:40pm10/26/15 4:40pm

People Reportedly Wore Blackface to 'Kanye West' Themed UCLA Fraternity and Sorority Mixer

Black student groups at UCLA are understandably unhappy after reports leaked out of a predominantly white fraternity and sorority that held a “Kanye Western” themed mixer. According to the student paper, guests wore “baggy clothes, plumped lips and padded bottoms, or as “Kardashians.” »10/08/15 9:15am10/08/15 9:15am

Alabama Sorority Sisters Won't Support Black Sister Running for Homecoming Queen

New reports from the University of Alabama claim that one of the black women who was accepted into the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority during the continuous opening bidding process in 2013 spurred from Alabama’s racist pledging process is not getting the support she typically would from her sorority sisters in her run for… »10/07/15 11:20am10/07/15 11:20am

Welcome to Derby Days, the Most Spectacular Con in All of Frat Philanthropy

We recently received a tip about a couple of banners hanging on the Sigma Chi fraternity house on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus. “We never stop at third base,” one says, over an all-American MLB banner showing a woman playing dick-baseball in heels. “KKΓ<3 SΣX,” says the other banner, which… »9/30/15 12:15pm9/30/15 12:15pm

University of Iowa's Alpha Phi Sings a Song About Anal Sex and Binge Drinking

A month after University of Alabama’s chapter of Alpha Phi got blasted for releasing a highly produced recruitment video starring a lot of blonde white women, the sorority’s University of Iowa Delta Epsilon chapter is getting attention for a recruitment song set to a compilation of rap tunes with references to fun… »9/11/15 2:45pm9/11/15 2:45pm

'Honk If Droping Off Daughter': Sad, Weird College Sex Banners Across America

Last week was move-in time at many of America’s colleges and universities, and, thus, a great time to shout from the rooftops how excited some students are to have sex with 18-year-old girls and/or their mothers. College students the nation over were making banners to proclaim how good they are at sex, and we asked… »8/31/15 1:40pm8/31/15 1:40pm

Frat Suspected of Advertising Daughter Drop-Off Suspended By Nationals

As of August 24, the ODU chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity has been suspended by its national headquarters. The suspension will abide indefinitely as headquarters investigates the brothers’ responsibility in hanging banners from a private residence that invited parents to “drop off” their freshman girls for a sexy campus… »8/24/15 4:10pm8/24/15 4:10pm

Frat Boys Designate House 'Freshman Daughter Drop Off,' Helpfully Offer to Fuck Moms, Too

Freshman women at Old Dominion University were given a very special welcome last week when they arrived on campus: Large banners that read “Rowdy and fun/Hope your baby girl is ready for a good time,” “Freshman daughter drop off,” and “Go ahead and drop off mom too.” Photos of the helpful offers to fornicate with… »8/24/15 11:00am8/24/15 11:00am

The Fast Rise and Dark Future of the Viral Sorority Recruitment Video

Last week, the University of Alabama’s Alpha Phi sorority received widespread attention—first positive, then negative—for a slickly produced video of their sisters living their best lives on campus. How did we get here, to a point where sorority recruitment videos, created to boost interest in a particular chapter on… »8/19/15 10:40am8/19/15 10:40am

University of Alabama Sorority Deletes Viral Recruitment Video After Backlash

In advance of their annual Bid Day, in which prospective sorority members are told which sororities they’ve been accepted into, the University of Alabama’s Alpha Phi released a Bid video promoting their sorority, part of a longstanding tradition of sisterhood self-promotion. Dubbed by Total Frat Move as “a nuke on the… »8/17/15 10:15am8/17/15 10:15am

Fraternity PAC Backs Legislation to Protect Students Accused of Rape

Arizona Republican Congressman Matt Salmon introduced a bill Wednesday designed to protect students accused of rape on campus, to change the way on-campus safety hearings are conducted, and to prevent Greek organizations from being forced to go co-ed. That same day, three former members of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity… »7/30/15 10:20am7/30/15 10:20am

Hazed Student Sues Former Frat and Penn State Over Forced Pee Drinking

James Vivenzio, the pledge who revealed sexual harassment and drug deals at Penn State’s chapter of Kappa Delta Rho, filed a lawsuit against both his former fraternity and the university. Vivenzio’s whistle-blowing uncovered two secret Facebook pages filled with photographs of hazing, drug deals and unconscious… »6/09/15 9:30am6/09/15 9:30am

Backlash Comes Over UGA's Ban on Hoop Skirts at Greek Functions

Just a few weeks after the video of fraternity members at the University of Oklahoma campus singing a racist song riled up the whole country, fraternity leadership and the administration of the University of Georgia have caused consternation over their decision to ban hoop skirts as appropriate articles of clothing to… »3/25/15 11:20am3/25/15 11:20am

Charlottesville Police: 'No Evidence' to Support UVA Rape Allegations 

In a press conference this afternoon, the Charlottesville, Virginia Police Department announced that they are "unable to conclude to any substantive degree" that the gang rape allegations made by University of Virginia student "Jackie" and reported in a November story in Rolling Stone happened in the way that the… »3/23/15 3:30pm3/23/15 3:30pm

North Carolina Frat Suspended for Notebook of Rape and Lynching Jokes

North Carolina State University's Pi Kappa Phi has been suspended by its national leadership after a waitress at a university near campus discovered a pledge book allegedly authored by the fraternity's members. The book was filled with jokes about rape, lynching, and racial slurs. According to local news station WRAL,… »3/23/15 11:30am3/23/15 11:30am