Grant Bowler Gallantly Defends Castle Lohan from the New York Times

Won't anyone stand up for Lindsay Lohan in the wake of a pretty damning NYT article? Fuck it — Grant Bowler will. Contrary to anecdotes from The Canyons set that depict Lindz as a monster with a bullhorn voicebox and bullwhips for fingers, Bowler insisted that the star-crossed actress acted like a total pro on the Liz… »1/13/13 11:00am1/13/13 11:00am


Kristen Stewart Unfairly Chastised for Jerking Off Two Guys at Once

Mastering the art of a decent hand job requires enviable skill and much practice, but rather than applaud the dexterity Kristen Stewart is said to display while simultaneously jerking off two guys in On The Road Dan Gainor of the Culture and Media Institute is up in arms over her busy hands. "In the film On The Road,… »5/25/12 9:00am5/25/12 9:00am