Random Elderly Woman In Drum Store Proceeds To Rock The Fuck Out

To paraphrase the Palm d'Or-winning film Shrek, old people are like onions — they have a specific smell, they add necessary flavor and you never know what's under each layer. This woman, reportedly a grandma, walked into the Coalition Drum Shop in La Crosse, Wisconsin, played rock drums like a member of Mötley Crüe for… » 7/20/13 1:00pm 7/20/13 1:00pm

‘Grandma Got STEM’ Challenges the Stereotype of Technologically…

Denigrating grandmothers for their supposed lack of technological prowess is bullshit because a) big fucking deal you can use a computer — your grandmother was probably old enough during the moon landing to roll her eyes when Neil Armstrong read his cheesy "one small step" line, and b) grandmothers are really crafty, so… » 3/24/13 2:30pm 3/24/13 2:30pm

Ball-Grabbers & "Pickpocket Terrorists:" Tough Old Broads Of 2008

Recent news: An 88-year-old woman in Portland, Oregon scared off a naked male intruder on Tuesday by giving his privates the squeeze. Let's take a look back at the other tough-as-balls older women of 2008. » 12/31/08 11:00am 12/31/08 11:00am