Lorde Does a Really Good Imitation of Herself Hanging with Taylor Swift

We all know that Lorde and Taylor Swift's relationship started, in Lorde's words, over "thick-ass milkshakes" at Shake Shack. But as Lorde explained to Jimmy Fallon Tuesday night, it developed further at a Grammy party after some rando confused Lorde for Taylor Swift's manager. The two women went along with it, and,… » 11/26/14 11:30am 11/26/14 11:30am

What It Was Like to Get Married During Macklemore's Grammy Performance

Like any young couple in love, Brittany Pennington and Sally Beaver wanted to get married in a way that they would never forget. Some couples go big by renting a horse and buggy, skydiving out of an airplane, or getting married in Las Vegas by Elvis (hey, don't knock it till you try it). But Pennington and Beaver did… » 2/25/14 7:45pm 2/25/14 7:45pm

Read Lorde's Awesome Handwritten Thank You Note to New Zealand

Confirmed 17-year-old Lorde is doing pretty well these days. Fresh off her two wins at the Grammys, the New Zealand native headed back to her homeland for a performance. But not before taking a moment to hand-write a gracious and pretty cute thank you note published in the New Zealand Herald for her kiwi fans. » 1/29/14 10:00am 1/29/14 10:00am

No One Thinks Macklemore Deserved Grammys. Not Even Macklemore.

Last night, a wealthy young duke with a face gentle and soft like rolled-up sleeping bag shocked everyone by winning several Grammys for the art of rapping. His name was Macklemore, he hailed from a far-away, mystical land called Seattle (pronounced: "See-YAW-tehl") and he often wore fancy, intricate coats that made… » 1/27/14 6:20pm 1/27/14 6:20pm

People Found Last Night's Grammys So, So, So Disgusting

Award shows present the average Joe/Jane Twitter with the opportunity, from the comfort of their own midpriced sweatpants, to talk shit about celebrities who make commercially successful art-products that are not to the tastes of said Joe/Jane Twitter, and last night's Grammy awards telecast was no exception. But… » 1/27/14 12:10pm 1/27/14 12:10pm

Pharrell + Stevie Wonder + Daft Punk = Best Grammys Performance Ever

Let's not forget the legendary Nile Rodgers, the funky glue that held it all together. This mashup — which includes Pharrell's "Get Lucky," Chic's "Freak Out," and Stevie Wonder's "Another Star" — got the whole crowd standing up. Beyoncé was dancing, Yoko Ono was getting down, Steven Tyler busted out some disco… » 1/26/14 11:13pm 1/26/14 11:13pm

Beyoncé and Jay-Z Open Grammys With a Hot-Ass 'Drunk' Performance

In case you missed it: Beyoncé opened the Grammy Awards with a super sexxxy performance of "Drunk In Love." Queen B had a black lacquer rotating platform, wet hair and a chair (a la Flashdance) and as soon as she started grindin' on that "surfboart," her husband materialized to spit some verses, walk her down the… » 1/26/14 9:06pm 1/26/14 9:06pm

Ellen Degeneres LOLs at Katy Perry's Blatant Sideboob

This might be the best picture ever taken, or it's at least a contender. In case you hadn't heard, CBS said it wouldn't allow exposed breasts, butts, or genitalia at the Grammys, and several stars are in direct violation. However, nobody more egregiously than Perry, who looks like she arrived from the set of Boogie… » 2/10/13 10:00pm 2/10/13 10:00pm