Why the Hell Are There So Many High School Valedictorians?

Like cicadas, law school graduates working as bartenders, feral cats prowling the abandoned alleyways of Detroit, and people who say they’ve read Infinite Jest but have only really skimmed the first 50 pages, it would seem our society currently contains far too-many high school valedictorians. Depending on your level… »6/02/13 2:30pm6/02/13 2:30pm


Groundbreaking New Research Suggests That Teachers Sometimes Let ‘Personal Feelings’ Affect Grades

New research (British research, so you know it's extra dignified and erudite) suggests that teachers are not the soulless, dispassionate grading androids we once believed them to be — sometimes, they let they can allow their "personal feelings" or "bias" about a particular student influence that student's grade. Maybe… »1/06/13 2:00pm1/06/13 2:00pm