Mindy Kaling on Diversity Complaints: 'I'm a Fucking Indian Woman'

At an otherwise friendly panel at SXSW today, one audience member asked Mindy Kaling about the perceived lack of diversity on The Mindy Project—why was she the only female doctor and the only doctor of color? Kaling reportedly lost patience and called the criticisms "insulting." » 3/11/14 9:15pm 3/11/14 9:15pm

Female Elvis Does It Her Way

Jacqueline Feilich is the world's foremost female Elvis impersonator tribute artist. Says the Aussie, "The first time I showed up as a female tribute artist dressed in a bright pink jumpsuit nobody knew what to make of me." [Salon] » 6/10/10 7:30pm 6/10/10 7:30pm

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