No Love for Lovelace: A Closer Read of Walter Isaacson's Innovators

I'm glad Walter Isaacson is getting such an outpouring of love from reviewers and talk-show hosts for including Ada Lovelace in The Innovators, his new history of the digital revolution.1 Thanks to Isaacson, Lovelace is finally receiving at least a few bytes of the attention she deserves for having written the first… »10/23/14 2:20pm10/23/14 2:20pm

Female Engineer Seeks the Actual Number of Female Engineers Working

Tracy Chou is a software engineer at Pinterest, a job she apparently unabashedly loves. "It’s the first place, in school or professionally, that I’ve not been aware or made aware of my gender, ever, in any situation," she's written. "I don’t feel like a female engineer." But to Chou, in order to figure out exactly… »10/23/13 6:45pm10/23/13 6:45pm